‘Today’ Hoda Kotb Tells Savannah Guthrie She’s Sorry On Air

Hoda Kotb during an on-air segment on the Today Show - Youtube/TODAY

Hoda Kotb is well-known for slipping up on camera. She goes off-script reasonably often and even gets emotional from time to time. However, her recent actions on Today had her apologizing to her co-host. Hoda went off script and even left her chair in the middle of a news segment. Keep reading to see why.

Does Today Have A Dress Code?

Typically, hosts on Today dress similarly. For the most part, they are wearing solid colors – specifically a lot of blues. While there aren’t any colors that are “off limits,” anchors are expected to dress professionally. Most days, you will see the anchors in suit jackets, dresses, and other professional attire. Oftentimes, they are also guided by the camera crew to wear colors that film well.

The Today Show anchors - Craig Melvin, Savannah Guthrie, Hoda Kotb on October 21, 2022 - Youtube/TODAY

Credit: YouTube/TODAY

On Friday’s show, the anchors were mostly wearing different hues of blues and greys. NBC correspondent Kristen Dahlgren joined the panel to talk about upcoming shopping events, deals, and the rise of “streaming shopping.”

Before she could get into her segment, Dahlgren and the other anchors were cut off by Hoda Kotb. The two TV personalities noticed from across the desk that they had the same shirt on, which caused Hoda to go a bit off script.

Hoda Kotb Is Sorry But She’s Twinning

“I’m sorry,” Kotb said as she got up from the news anchor desk in the middle of the segment. She walked over to Kristen Dahlgren, who joined them at the table. Side by side, viewers quickly understood what Hoda was referring to.

During Friday’s show, the two women were dressed nearly identically in dark blue button-up shirts and black pants. They had on the exact same outfit. Dahlgren and Kotb high-fived over their impeccable fashion sense, but co-host Savannah Guthrie piped up.

Hoda Kotb on the Today Show - YouTube/TODAY

Credit: YouTube/TODAY

“Was there, like, a memo, or?” Guthrie asked, jokingly. She wasn’t anywhere near matching the other two women on air. While she donned black slacks like most anchors on Today, she wore a purple and black printed blouse.

That said, she wasn’t upset about not matching the other two anchors. Instead, she was thrilled for them. “This is amazing!” she said from her seat as Kotb and Dahlgren compared threads.

Hoda Kotb completed Dahlgren on her style and for being a “bargain shopper” before returning back to their seats at the anchor’s desk. One thing is for sure, the two personalities have the same taste in design and sport the style well.

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