Today: Savage Carson Daly Jabs At Sheinelle Jones? [Today Show | YouTube]

‘Today’: Savage Carson Daly Jabs At Sheinelle Jones?

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Today host Carson Daly is a savage. He took a jab at co-host Sheinelle Jones in a recent broadcast. Since his days on MTV’s TRL, Carson became known for his sarcastic sense of humor. Those who aren’t familiar with his personality may think he’s rude.

He called out his co-host for using her “secret code” in front of the cameras. Carson took the opportunity to express how she was really feeling. Sheinelle wanted to be polite in the food segment. However, Carson decided to call her out on it. Read on to learn more and to see what happened next.

Carson Daly Gets Candid On Mental Health [Today Show | YouTube]
[Today Show | YouTube]

Carson Daly calls out Sheinelle Jones

During a recent broadcast of Today, sommelier Vanessa Price discussed what to look for when purchasing beer. The hosts tried different types of beer during the segment. Just in time for fall, one of them was made from fermented pumpkin. Sheinelle Jones explained that she’s not a beer drinker before asking for a recommendation.

Vanessa said the next beer called “sours” was a perfect choice. However, none of the hosts were crazy about it. Sheinelle sipped her beer quietly. Carson Daly joked that it “could use a cup of sugar.” He asked his co-host what she thought.

Carson Daly & Sheinelle Jones Try Sours [Today Show | YouTube]
[Today Show | YouTube]
“It’s not bad!” Sheinelle said as her voice raised. Carson Daly could tell that she was lying because she’s said that before behind the scenes. The Voice emcee called her out for using the “code word.”

“No. Saying ‘not bad’ on TV means you hate it,” Carson Daly shook his head. He demonstrated “air quotes” as he said “not bad.” Sheinelle tried to work her way out of that situation but failed. The co-hosts quickly moved on to the next beer. Carson has been known to embarrass his colleagues live on the air.

Today host got shady with Hoda Kotb

As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Carson Daly got shady last week with Hoda Kotb. Both of them threw jabs at Savannah Guthrie while she’s taken another leave of absence from the show. During Today’s “Pop Start” segment, he held up the Fall 2022 issue of The Home Edit magazine.

Carson flipped through the magazine as he talked about Savannah’s “kitchen makeover.” His fellow co-hosts talked about the new issue. Craig Melvin that the feature makes her a “legit cook now.” Hoda laughed as she joked: “Does that mean you have talent?”

Carson Daly said with a smile: “Yeah, she uses knives and stuff. She knows where they are.” Hoda got in the final jab with the following comment: “She uses knives.” Jokester Al Roker chimed in and added: “Yeah, she’s boiling water… look out!” All of the hosts erupted in laughter and it caused a commotion among the fanbase.

What are your thoughts on Carson Daly calling out Sheinelle Jones? Do you think he’s a shady co-host? Do you like him on Today? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. Absolutely enjoy Carson Daly! He’s real and he’s fun and loves his family ferociously. He’s honest and open on air and it is refreshing! Journalism and media need more Carson’s. I feel like if I ran into Carson on the street he’d be the same guy you see on the tv screen. Genuine and refreshing.

  2. It’s time to clean house… 1 2 3 Go !! I am sick of all this pointing fingers ! Be adults give us the news & be professional! It needs to stop 🛑

  3. I don’t understand why they can’t get along! Too many egos to satisfy? I enjoy watching them! Seems like they all like each other on camera! The media starts it all sometimes? It’s entertainment! I’m retired and enjoy all of the Today show! Lots of fun and good info! 🥰

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