Jenna Bush Hager Joke Rubs Savannah Guthrie Fans Wrong Way

Jenna Bush Hager Rubs Savannah Guthrie Fans Wrong Way [NBC News | YouTube]

Jenna Bush Hager rubbed Savannah Guthrie the wrong way. The case of the feuding Today Show co-hosts continues. Viewers have noticed the tension between the co-hosts on the set of the morning show. Savannah was absent from the talk show during Monday and Friday’s broadcast.

As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Hoda remained cool, calm, and collective during the episode. All of the attention was on her way her colleague was away from the show. Jenna cracked a joke about the missing host. This caused Savannah to clap back on social media. Read on to learn more.

Jenna Bush Hager Makes Sarcastic Joke [NBC News | YouTube]
[NBC News | YouTube]

Today co-host makes sarcastic jokes about Savannah Guthrie

Following the Monday, August 22 broadcast of the Today Show, Jenna Bush Hager joked about the missing host. She told viewers that Savannah went to the amusement park without her. Following Jenna’s diss, Savannah took to Instagram to share a series of photos of herself with her kids.

She didn’t end up at the amusement park, despite what Jenna said. She went to the water park with her kids. All of them enjoyed their time cooling off in the hot water. Savannah found a clever way to tire her kids out. In one of the photos, they fell asleep in their lounge chairs.

“Water park joy! –> water park exhaustion!” Savannah captioned the post.

Savannah Guthrie Goes To Waterpark [Savannah Guthrie | Instagram]
[Savannah Guthrie | Instagram]
Jenna Bush Hager took to the comment section. She wrote, “Where is this magical place? I thought we only water-parked together LOLO.” Some fans took offense to Jenna’s sarcastic joke. Sometimes her sense of humor doesn’t translate well on TV or on social media.

“Jenna, maybe she needs some privacy with her family only!” one user slammed her.

Jenna Bush Hager made it clear that “it was a joke.” The rest of the fans came to her defense. “Ignore the rude comments! We know you were joking,” another added. “I thought it was funny!” a third one wrote. “So sorry humankind is so judgmental,” a fourth added.

Jenna Bush Hager co-hosts with Hoda Kotb

During the midmorning portion of the Today Show, Jenna Bush Hager co-hosts with Hoda Kotb. Meanwhile, Hoda’s co-host Savannah has gone missing from the early morning portion. She took another leave of absence after she just returned to her seat. The Today co-hosts have been playing a game of musical chairs, as they’ve both gone missing from their seats in recent weeks.

Savannah Guthrie Fans Take Offense [NBC News | YouTube]
[NBC News | YouTube]
There are also rumors swirling that either Savannah or Hoda will leave the show. Both of them have been posting cryptic messages on Instagram. Most fans enjoy watching Hoda with Jenna Bush Hager. However, they can notice the tension between Hoda and Savannah.

What are your thoughts on Savannah’s disappearance? Do you think she has tension with Hoda? Do you like Jenna Bush Hager’s joke? Sound off below in the comment section.

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