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‘Today’ Jenna Bush Hager Steps Over Line, Co-Host Pushes Back?


After Jenna Bush Hager singled out Hoda Kotb with Savannah Guthrie, fans have now caught another sketchy behavior of the Today host on Live TV. The 40-year-old was pushed during the cooking segment of the news show as the celebrity chef explained the recipe. But what went down on camera that led to this action?

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Jenna Bush Invades Co-Host Justin’s Personal Space

During the August 10 Today show’s cooking segment, Jenna Bush was accompanied by co-host Justin Sylvester. As the chef explains the process of making a glaze for the chicken, fans can see Jenna trying to get closer to her co-host.

Justin Sylvester YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

She gets awkwardly close to her co-host as he shrugs her hand off his shoulder, trying to focus on the Chicken glaze. However, Jenna fails to get the hint and keeps coming closer to her co-host. Eventually, he gently nudges her away. The video ends with Jenna smiling creepily at the camera.

Today Show 9GAG

[Source: 9GAG]

The video was shared on 9GAG, and fans were quick to chime in.

One user commented, “Move off, b**ch, this is my moment of glory.”

“But if it was in reverse, it would be instantly bad, and all poison-colored hair whales would be like…”, said another.

Today Show 9GAG

[Source: 9GAG]

A third joked, “Thirst for bbc is strong in this one.”

“Jesus… that was awkward af,” said a fourth.

Are Justin And Jenna Joking Around On Camera?

A fan cleared the air by stating that this was an inside joke, and they are friends as they wrote, “For those wondering. This clip is taken out of context, they are friends and are joking around on the show. He’s gay btw.”

Today Show 9GAG

[Source: 9GAG]

Another chimed in, “She knows how the shot is blocked. They have to get in close otherwise they have to stay zoomed out, and you can’t see what they are cooking. She is all about the show. The dude has issues and just doesn’t get what is happening.”

Justin Sylvester Comes Out As Gay On The Today Show

Justin Sylvester isn’t a regular on the Today show. However, he often fills in as a co-host. He is popular for co-hosting E!’s Daily Pop. Born on November 8, 1986, he has also been a part of 20/20, Good Morning America, and On-Air With Ryan Seacrest.

Today Show YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

His rise to fame includes his stint as a news personality and coming out as gay. Back in June 2022, he filled in for Hoda Kotb on Today, hosting alongside Jenna, where he shared his coming-out story. He also revealed that RHOBH star Kyle Richards had a major role in his LGBTQ+ journey.

What do you think of this awkward Live TV interaction between the co-hosts? Do you think Jenna Bush should keep her distance? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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  1. I don’t watch Hoda & Jenna anymore because Jenna never shuts up and constantly interrupts everyone, especially Hoda. According to today’s video, looks like she was attempting to hog the show, again.

    1. Totally agree! She’s pushy and talks incessantly. For me, Jenna is an acquired taste, and I had fairly recently begun to halfway enjoy her co-hosting. Absolutely love, love, love that sweet Justin. Back off, Jenna. Give us all some space.

    2. She acts like a spoiiledbrat. She thinks it’s her show. Gods is so classy and just lets it ride. I had to quit watching it. The same thing on the TALK. Natalie hogs the show. I don’t know why the four others even show up She is full of herself

    3. I totally agree: there seems to be so much competition~ that’s what I’ve noticed.
      plus ➕ it’s ‘a race’ to fill.all.the.air.time.

  2. It’s time for Jenna and Gunthrie to go. This is getting completely out of hand. You are losing all your fan base and your ratings are going to pot!!!!

  3. I can no longer tolerate “Hoda and Jenna.” Love Hoda but Jenna should be fired. She is obnoxious! She talks over people, rambles about herself – her likes, dislikes – who cares? And she is forever checking herself out in one of the cameras, then flashing a smile. Cannot tolerate her.

    1. Can’t stand Jenna either. She and Savannah are the same, rude, interrupting
      Camera hogs, with their “fake” on air smiles !! They both need to go ! NOW !!
      Savannah even said once the only reason Jenna got the job was because of who her dad is ! She had no experience at all !!

      Love Hoda !! Find her a fun cohost !
      Buh bye Savannah
      Buh bye Jenna

    1. I do agree with one part. and that is Hoda is only Host.
      She’s not a reporter only comes from a host.
      Tough questions come from a tough reporter.
      Just sayin.

  4. For some time, I watched Today, 3rd Hour, and Hoda and Jenna. Too much and a waste of time! I usually turn off the tv at 8, and got tired of Hoda and Jenna a long time ago. Hoda is silly, and Jenna talks too much about herself and her family.

  5. Jenna,, what “wannabe”! Such dribble! She adds nothing to the show, or the group and is onair for one reason,,,her name! She must be a constant embarrassment to her mother! I do not and never will be her fan or watch her on any program!

  6. I enjoy watching the two ladies !
    I have adopted a son almost 21 years ago best thing we did! I am inspired by Hoda and Joel doing the same thing and co-parenting they are doing what’s best for the children!
    If you don’t like them then don’t watch them!
    I would LOVE some day to meet Hoda and tell her my story of our adopted son!
    She is my idol! That smile of her brightens up a room as my 2 sisters that have passed away!

    Hoda and Jenna you both are doing a great job!

  7. I can’t stand Hoda or Jenna, neither are professional or talented enough to be on Today. Keep Savannah and let Craig Melvin cohost

  8. So funny to read theses reviews. My fiance and I were also turned off by Jenna when she moved to the co-host spot with Hoda. We love Hoda, but Jenna is just too much. She’s rude and self obsessed. Both Jenna and Savanah are so full of themselves. We absolutely love and adore the rest. Wish Willie Geist was on all the time. He fits right in with Craig, ❤️ Dillon, Hoda, Chanel and ❤️ Al. Let’s have some intelligent well educated non politically partial hosts.

  9. I enjoy both Hoda and Jenna. I believe that they are both down to earth women. Jenna comes from a spoiled back ground, but it appears she is grounded and living here life and enjoying her journey as a Mother, Wife, and talk show host. I think that she is dedicated to all.
    Hoda is one woman that I respect. She is dedicated also, but her children are first, I admire that. She is blessed to have the gift of the girls,and she makes them here priority.
    I think they both have so much going on in their lives, that sometimes they don’t mask it well on camera. With that being said, they are both normal Mom’s, and that is refreshing in these crazy days on planet earth.🙂

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