Great American Family’s ‘Catering Christmas’: All The Details

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Great American Family’s Great American Christmas continues with Catering Christmas.

Starring in Catering Christmas is Merritt Patterson (The Royals, Jingle Bell Princess), Daniel Lissing (The Cleaning Lady, The Rookie), Christopher Hayes (Spinning Gold, Single All The Way), R. Austin Ball (Bad Influence, Six Degrees Of Santa), and Donno Mitoma (Toying With The Holidays, A Christmas Letter).

Cara J. Russell (A Valentine’s Match, The Great Christmas Switch) wrote the script, with T.W. Peacocke (The Winter Palace, Good Witch) directing.

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What Is Great American Family’s Catering Christmas About?

According to IMDb, Molly Frost (Patterson) is a self-employed caterer who is looking to host a big event so she can make a name for herself. She gets her big break catering the Harrison Foundation Christmas Gala.

However, Molly has to work with Carson Jacob Harrison (Lissing), the nephew. Their initial meet-cute is quite embarrassing to Molly. Therefore, she may seem a bit standoffish. Meanwhile, Carson wants to get to know Molly, but she seems a bit frosty toward him.

That is not all. The two clash on all of the details. Eventually, the pair find common ground. Molly makes Carson understand why the Harrison Foundation is so important to their town.

Simultaneously, she warms up to him, while he realizes who he wants to be. They start to click. That is because Molly brings out the best in him, and Molly shows him her true self.

When Is The Premiere Of Catering Christmas?

The premiere of Catering Christmas is on Saturday, October 29, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on Great American Family.

What Does WCTH Alum Daniel Lissing Say About Catering Christmas Role?

Recently, When Calls The Heart alum Daniel Lissing talked about his role as Carson Jacob Harrison.

Carson is a little lost when we first meet him. A traveling photographer for the rich and famous. He finds himself unfulfilled. That is until he meets Molly. Carson finds himself as he falls for her.

Lastly, don’t miss the TVShowsAce exclusive interview with Daniel Lissing. He talks about working for Great American Family, traveling, and even has a message for fans.

What Does Merritt Patterson Have To Say About Great American Family Role?

In an exclusive interview with TVShowsAce, Merritt Patterson talked about the fun of playing royals and portraying Molly Frost. This is what she thinks this Great American Family Christmas movie is all about.

Catering Christmas is about perseverance and following your dreams! My character Molly Frost is struggling to find real success with her catering company. It seems to always be an uphill battle but she is determined to succeed.

Don’t miss the premiere of Great American Family’s Catering Christmas On Saturday, October 29, at 8 p.m., Eastern. Great American Christmas is now airing holiday movies 24/7.

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