Exclusive Preview of GAC’s ‘The Winter Palace’ Starring Danica McKellar, Neal Bledsoe

Romance and all its trappings are cleverly layered into a proper and delicious English trifle of a tale coming from GAC and Danica McKellar, the star of The Winter Palace.

And like that decadent dessert, this story is complex and far from boy meets girl but shows a modern woman, Emily, an accomplished author. She does another accomplished female friend a favor by spending time at a client’s empty chalet.

The conceit is convenient as Emily needs some inspirational peace, a scenic setting perhaps to end her writer’s block. And the empty chalet needs some cold weather caretaking like icicle removal and water running to prevent frozen pipes.

Except there’s one minor issue. This gorgeous chalet is not so empty; it turns out.

The Winter Palace: From Concordia to Boulder, A Future King Arrives

Without divulging too many spoilers, the unlikely cute meet of Emily and a man named Henry becomes an entanglement of royal proportions.

Henry arrives at his late Uncle Chauncey’s handbuilt winter escape in Colorado, where astronomy was encouraged, hockey games played, and anyone in need of a venue for a solemn or special occasion was granted usage the scenic grounds.

Emily is brilliant, far from a damsel in distress, and is in no need of ‘saving.” Emily’s career as a published romance writer is successful. Her life appears complete. And Henry has quite a full docket of to-do’s and seems bemused by Emily’s very existence.

The royal coterie of Mr. Fritz and Ms. Tilson, the security guard, and the scheduling secretary (pronounced shhh-eduling, as these Concordians have a distinct British accent) add to the fun as we see a clash of cultures, purpose, and sense of fun.

Fritz and Ms. Tilson are two variables in this love equation. Pic credit: GAC

Henry has a lot of learning to do, and Emily is the perfect foil for his borderline obtuseness when it comes to everyday common sense.

A play on Meghan and Harry?

As with any well-crafted romantic yarn, there are many beats and complications between our two leads.

Emily is, without a doubt, delightful and never oversteps her bounds. Henry is appropriately modern in his royal approach and yet a tad arrogant. The guilelessness of Emily wins all the Concordian troops eventually to her side, although Ms. Tilson proves to be the hardest to win over.

As GAC has released a slew of promotional photos, we see that there might be love after all and unquestionably a happy ending, but the math in this equation is far from a typical linear resolve.

A linear equation is an algebraic equation in which each term has an exponent of one, and the graphing of the equation results in a straight line. But in The Winter Palace, there are no straight lines to love, but a twisty path beset by variables.

Why all the love mathematics terminology?

Ms. McKellar is not only an accomplished actor and stunning beauty, but she is an internationally-recognized mathematician and advocate for math education.

Danica is a fantastic book author for educational materials for parents with books geared for every age. She is a summa cum laude graduate of UCLA with a degree in mathematics. She was honored in Britain’s Journal of Physics and the New York Times for her work in mathematics, notably for her role as co-author of a groundbreaking mathematical physics theorem which bears her name, The Chayes-McKellar-Winn Theorem.

Even Dolly Parton has shared Danica’s outstanding curriculum for parents, with Danica’s Goodnight Numbers books selected for inclusion in Dolly Parton’s literacy charity, The Imagination Library.

Exclusive preview of The Winter Palace, AKA: Who is knocking?

The Winter Palace is Danica McKellar’s first film for them. She serves as star and executive producer with other executive producers, notably Brad Krevoy, for former Hallmark chieftain Bill Abbott’s new network.

Besides Danica McKellar, the film stars a dashing Neal Bledsoe, Jennifer Wigmore, Luke Marty,  Warren Darnell-Martin, Tom Rooney, and Jenni Burke.

The Winter Palace premieres Saturday, January 8, at 8 p.m. Eastern, on GAC Family.

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