GAC’s ‘The Winter Palace’ Stars Danica McKellar, Neal Bledsoe

The Winter Palace, used with permission from GAC

Ready to kick off the New Year with a Royal Romance? GAC Family is! They are premiering their first movie starring Danica McKellar in The Winter Palace.

Besides Danica McKellar (The Wonder Years, Young Justice), Neal Bledsoe (Younger, Shameless), Jennifer Wigmore (Y: The Last Man, Malory Towers), Luke Marty (Regression, Mayor Of Kingstown), Warren Darnell-Martin (American Gods, Murdoch Mysteries), Tom Rooney (8-Bit Christmas, Coroner), and Jenni Burke (Overlord And The Underwoods, Saying Yes To Christmas).

Ready for a movie with some wintery feels, with the bonus of a charming prince?

What Is GAC Family’s The Winter Palace About?

According to the GAC media release, Emily (McKellar) is a romance writer. However, she is not writing much right now, as she is suffering from writer’s block. Moreover, she has a looming deadline and she must deliver her next book.

Thankfully, Emily’s friend manages luxury properties in the Rockies. She does a bit of finagling, and now Emily is the caretaker of an estate home. There is no chance that the owners will show up as they have not been there in years!

This enchanting place has become a writer’s retreat. This has energized Emily’s creativity. She enjoys a roaring fire and the coziness of taking care of such a grand place.

However, one night, Emily is awakened to the sound of a motorcade. Soon, she hears the footsteps of an army of associates. They are a Crown Prince’s (Bledsoe) entourage. This particular Prince isn’t just anyone. Prince Henry is the future King, and he is the current owner of this very enchanting estate home.

What could possibly happen next?

The Winter Palace, Neal Bledsoe, Danica McKellar, used with permission from GAC Media
The Winter Palace, Neal Bledsoe, Danica McKellar, used with permission from GAC Media

When Can You Watch GAC’s The Winter Palace?

GAC Family’s The Winter Palace premieres on Saturday, January 8, at 8 p.m. Eastern.

The Winter Palace First GAC Movie For Danica McKellar

The first GAC Family movie of 2022 is Danica McKellar’s movie. It is fitting, as The Wonder Years alum just signed a big, exclusive contract with Bill Abbott’s new network.

From all accounts, she will not be returning to Hallmark in the next two years. Instead, you can watch Danica’s RomComs exclusively on GAC.

Danica McKellar Shares Instagram Stories With Neal Bledsoe

Do you want a bit of a warm-up to the upcoming GAC Family movie, The Winter Palace? Then hop onto Danica’s Instagram Stories. Under the story GACtv, she shares BTS videos of her along with Neal Bledsoe, her co-star.

They have a lot of fun and chemistry. Whether they are listening to Vivaldi, or Neil trying out different foreign accents, Danica spends a lot of time laughing, and Neal is his usual charming self.

No wonder Royal Romance fans and fans of Danica and Neal cannot wait for this new movie.

Don’t miss the premiere of The Christmas Palace, premiering on Saturday, January 8, at 8 p.m. Eastern, on GAC Family.

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