Exclusive Preview: ‘Joe Kenda’s American Detective’ Returns to ID and discovery+

American Detective is back on ID tonight. Retired Lt. Joe Kenda is the moderator of the series that shows some of the most gruesome crimes and the clever police and detectives who solve these cases in the United States.

On April 7, 2008, a bizarre 911 call from Sue Bostic went out, with Greenville, South Carolina law enforcement responding to the call.

Officer Amber Drummond got an ominous alert from Officer Scott Odom. The officers opened a strange plastic bag that contained bloody bits and parts of human remains.

The exclusive clip shows the scene reenacted as Officer Drummond recalled the horror as Joe Kenda, the retired Homicide Hunter, and star of many Investigation Discovery series, narrated the unfolding terror.

Watch below as the two officers try to piece together why a plastic bag was left in front of Sue Bostic’s car, with a note on her windshield.

American Detective’s South Carolina nightmare

Joe Kenda narrates American Detective. Pic credit: ID

This murder is a shocker. WISTV-Channel 10 reported the findings.

According to the news report:

After fingerprint analysis, officials say the hands and feet belonged to 34-year-old Mekole Michelle Harris. The body parts were found in two different bags outside an apartment and a house in Greenville on Monday morning. Investigators have not figured out if the hands and feet were removed before or after Harris died. They do say if she was alive when the parts were removed, she could not have survived because of the severe blood loss.

Noting the trauma and brutality of this crime, Joe Kenda shares his thoughts. He is no stranger to the depths of depravity that humans can exhibit. In this episode, he shared that it takes a rare breed to be in law enforcement as an American Detective solving horrific crimes.

New season, new crimes

This American Detective series reenacts crimes and showcases detectives whose tireless efforts solved a tragic crime and helped put a murderer in prison.

In the season three premiere, titled Body Parts, two Greenville, South Carolina women discover bags on their doorstep that arrived with “ominous death threats and trash bags filled with severed human appendages.”

In the TV Shows Ace clip revealing one bag, Kenda said: “The bag contains a severed hand and a severed foot.”

Appearing a bit in shock, Officer Amber Drummond said: “Up until that moment, I had never seen anything like this before— only in movies. I was just astounded by the gruesome nature of this.”

Replete with his deadpan delivery, Kenda added: “Murder is a horrible crime, but there are some murders that display a level of evil and a level of depravity rarely seen, and this crime is one of those.”

In this episode, Det Flavell will solve his career’s most gruesome and senseless crime.

Watch the exclusive clip:


American Detective Season 3 premiere airs tonight, July 6 at 10/9c in ID and is available to stream the same day on discovery+.

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