Exclusive Interview: Merritt Patterson On ‘Catering Christmas’

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Merritt Patterson is starring in the upcoming Great American Christmas movie Catering Christmas, along with Daniel Lissing. This holiday movie is premiering on Saturday, October 29, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on Great American Family.

In this exclusive interview with TVShowsAce, The Royals star talks about Catering Christmas, her special holiday memory, and why she loves to portray royals.

Lastly, Merritt has a special message for fans during the holiday season.

Merritt Patterson Discusses Catering Christmas, Her Role As Molly Frost

You are starring in Catering Christmas with Daniel Lissing for Great American Family. Can you tell us something about this upcoming Great American Christmas movie? What can you tell Great American Family viewers about your character, Molly Frost?

Catering Christmas is about perseverance and following your dreams! My character Molly Frost is struggling to find real success with her catering company. It seems to always be an uphill battle but she is determined to succeed.

And her hard work pays off when she lands the biggest event of the year for the Harrison Foundation Christmas Gala. The perfect opportunity to showcase her talent and hopefully secure more events to follow.

After a slightly embarrassing run-in with Daniel Lissing’s character, Carson Harrison, Molly is forced to work alongside Carson who is overseeing the event. These two initially clash but along the way find common ground.

Eventually discovering respect for one another and a true fondness. Molly is able to show Carson just how important the Harrison Foundation is to her personally and the community as a whole.

Used with Great American Family's permission
Used with Great American Family’s permission

Merritt Shares Fun BTS Story About Catering Christmas

Do you have a story to share from filming this Christmas movie? Fake snow, funny moments, kitchen disasters, etc…?

Production hired a Chef to come to set and teach me how to properly hold a knife and mince or cut different vegetables. How to correctly serve a dish and hold a plate. It was so interesting.

One of the reasons I love acting and portraying different characters is getting opportunities to learn new skills.

Why Do Royal Movies Appeal To Merritt Peterson?

I believe this is your sixth Christmas movie. What do you enjoy about making movies about this special time of year? In addition, you are often in royal movies and shows, and you were the royal in last year’s Jingle Bell Princess. Do you enjoy these sorts of roles?

Being from a royal family is such a foreign way of life for 99.99% of the population. It’s a fun world to play in and imagine. I think the number of movies and shows that I’ve done with a royal storyline are really just coincidence! I enjoy traveling and filming abroad! These storylines generally support this.

I especially loved Jingle Bell Princess. It was the first royal storyline script I read where the female character was royalty! It’s often the king or prince. I had the opportunity to work with a great dialect coach. It was a fun challenge and a great experience. One of my favorite holidays films to date!

Catering Christmas Star Shares Favorite Holiday Tradition

Do you have a favorite holiday tradition?

I grew up celebrating Christmas in the snow. My family always went skiing on Christmas morning. Depending on how much snow fell the night before determined if gifts were opened before or after skiing.

As kids my sister and I always got up early and did our stockings just the two of us. These are by far my most cherished holiday traditions!

Merritt Patterson Shares Message To Her Fans

Do you want to share information on an upcoming project, or perhaps share a message with your fans?

I get a lot of messages about these holiday films bringing so much joy to people. It’s so heartwarming! Thank you for watching. I hope they continue to provide cozy uplifting holiday spirit.

Don’t miss Merritt starring with Daniel Lissing in Catering Christmas. This holiday movie premieres on Saturday, October 29, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on Great American Family, as part of their 2022 Great American Christmas movies.

Be sure to check the Great American Family schedule for encore showings of Merritt’s 2021 movie, Jingle Bell Princess, also starring Trevor Donovan.

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