Does Martin Henderson’s New Projects Mean He’s Leaving ‘Virgin River’?

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Virgin River fans can’t wait for Season 6. However, some recent news may leave them concerned that Martin Henderson may be moving on from the hit Netflix series.

Does a new project mean that he is leaving the series that also stars Alexandra Breckinridge? What is this new project? Here are the details.

Martin Henderson - YouTube
Martin Henderson – YouTube

Does Martin Henderson’s New Project Mean He Is Leaving Virgin River?

On Tuesday, the official Virgin River Instagram page shared a photo of Martin Henderson. Holding a clapper board, it looks like Martin is sitting in a director’s chair. Confirming it was what they wrote. “Our very own Martin Henderson is having his directorial debut this season of Virgin River! šŸŽ„ ā¤ļø”

Mark Ghanime wrote, “During this episode, I will be playing the role of Jack…I think that’s what the email said.” This got a lot of laughter emojis and feedback from fans of the Netflix series. He also wrote, “Yaaaaaah boyyyyy” Excited and proud of you Martin!”

Meanwhile, Benjamin Hollingsworth wrote, “Martin “Scorsese Henderson šŸŽ¬”

All ribbing aside, should fans be concerned that Martin is behind the camera, and not in front of it? Not necessarily. Oftentimes, actors want to expand their talents to directing, writing, and producing. By directing, this New Zealand-born actor has the opportunity to add something more to the hit series. Moreover, fans love it when stars go behind the camera and show their vision.

Besides, in Season 6, Jack and Mel are getting married. There will be plenty of action in front of the cameras for Martin to step back from his role as an actor.

Filming of Season 6 started in February and will conclude at the end of May. Although Netflix has not officially shared a drop date, it is not expected until sometime in 2025.


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The Reason Martin Henderson Would LeaveVirgin River

Martin Henderson has already shared why he would specifically leave Virgin River. Back in December, he spoke to TV Line. To him, it is all about the writing.

One thing I really don’t like is when writers change a character midway through a show ā€“ they run out of ideas, they just start trying to throw new things in there to keep it interesting, and they betray the character.

Hopefully, the writers at Virgin River won’t do any sort of betraying anytime soon!

Martin Henderson Is In Upcoming My Life Is Murder Season 4

Virgin River star Martin Henderson is starring in the Acorn TV hit series My Life Is Murder. He portrays Will Crowe, the nefarious brother of ex-detective Alexa Crowe, played by Lucy Lawless.

As this is a supporting role, his participation in this fantastic series should not interfere with Virgin River.

Season 4 starts on Monday, June 17.


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Virgin River fans, what do you think of this latest news on Martin Henderson directing at least one episode of Season 6?

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