1000-Lb. Sisters‘: What Is The Tattoo On Amy Halterman’s Leg?

1000-Lb. Sisters fans love interacting with Amy Halterman and Tammy Slaton through social media. Earlier this week, Amy shared a new set of selfies with her followers on Instagram. In the comments section, fans were full of praise and encouragement for the celeb. Some even asked Amy questions about her life and the show that they had been dying to get answers for. Surprisingly, the TLC star even took the time to answer some of her fans’ questions. Read on to find out what new information 1000-Lb. Sisters fans found out about their fave reality personality.

Amy Halterman Shares New Photos On Instagram

One thing reality television fans are always curious about is what their favorite stars look like “now.” As with most reality programs, 1000-Lb. Sisters episodes are filmed way in advance. So, now that the season has officially ended, fans love to see how Amy Halterman and Tammy Slaton’s lives are going now that the cameras are off.

On Monday, Amy shared a post on Instagram that contained several new photos of herself. The photos were close-up shots of her face, each edited a different way. In one photo, Amy appeared decked out in a glammed-out cat-eye makeup look. The photo used a filter that gave her thick black eyelashes and full red lips.

Photo Credit: Instagram

In another pic, Amy used a filter that gave her a headful of perfectly tousled waves. It also made her appear to wear a faceful of mardi-gras drag queen-inspired makeup, complete with large ornate earrings. A third picture made Amy look like she was crying in the rain with her makeup running down her face in streams.

Amy Dishes The Deets With Fans

In the comment section of the post, 1000-Lb. Sisters fans left their opinions on Amy’s selfies. Many left kind words of encouragement, letting her know how awesome they thought she looked. Others told the TLC personality that they hoped she was doing well and that they hoped she would come back for a new season. Among the questions and commentary, one fan asked Amy about something totally unrelated to the Instagram post. 

Photo Credit: Instagram

“Quick question,” the fan asked politely, “what is tattooed on your leg?”  While many fans were aware that Amy Halterman has tattoos, they have not been featured up close in the show. Her ink is visible on numerous occasions in wide shots but because of the distance and various angles of the camera, some of them are particularly hard to see clearly in the episodes.

According to Amy, in one of the behind the scene’s extra clips from Season 3, the TLC star has 7 tattoos. The one that this fan was referring to is on her calf. In response to the inquiry, Amy told the fan that this particular tattoo is quite special to her – because she got it for her son, Gage. She told the fan that the tattoo contains her son’s name and his birthdate.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Something New About Amy

While most of Amy Halterman’s followers were busy checking out the fun filters on her new photos, some fans noticed that there was something new about the reality star’s appearance. Even though she is not highlighting it in the snaps, fans noticed that this slightly-less-hefty sister is now sporting a double nose piercing in her right nostril. Two small black studs, one above the other on Amy’s nose are the most recent change in this reality star’s appearance.

Most fans were delighted by the new piercing. They were happy that Amy had done something nice for herself. Some, however, took the opportunity to comment on how they felt the stress from her latest piercing might be damaging to her unborn child. While we don’t have any information about when Amy actually had the piercing done, it’s unlikely to have caused her child any harm.

In addition to pointing out Amy’s latest style change, fans also inquired about whether she and Tammy had signed on for a fourth season. That question, however, remained unanswered.

What do you think about Amy’s latest selfie collection? Do you like her newest piercing? Tell us in the comments.

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