Anna Duggar’s Random Instagram Post Snubbed By Josh’s Entire Family

Anna Duggar Instagram

Anna Duggar recently shared a random post on Instagram, but she didn’t get any love from her husband Josh’s family. The Duggar daughter-in-law typically gets likes and comments from her husband’s family when she posts pictures of her kids online. But this one hit her followers differently.

Anna Duggar Twitter
Anna Duggar Twitter

Anna Duggar breaks her silence on social media.

As we reported, Anna Duggar recently broke her social media silence. Josh’s wife had been silent online for months after his arrest, trial, and conviction. She did break her silence once to announce the birth of her seventh child. Now, Josh has been found guilty on two child pornography charges and is awaiting sentencing.

Though she didn’t make a statement or share on social media after his arrest or guilty verdict, she has now returned to social media. She shared a basic text post that reads, “There is more to the story.” Then, she directed her followers to the link in her bio.

That link contains a legal document from Josh’s legal team requesting a new trial. This motion was filed in mid-January, but Anna waited to share it until early February for some reason.

Josh’s family completely ignores the new post.

Anna Duggar’s new post has not been well-received online. The Duggar daughter-in-law has heavily restricted her comments on Instagram in hopes of keeping the negative messages about Josh away. So, only a select few people can comment on her post.

However, what is even more surprising is that no members of the Duggar family have liked the post. None of Josh’s siblings nor his parents have shown their support for Anna by liking the post.

Over on Reddit, a Duggar snarker confirmed that no Duggars can be found on the list of likes on Anna’s post.

One Duggar family critic commented, “Did she think everyone was gonna agree with her, because honestly if she did that would be hilarious. Like I imagine she’s sitting on her phone constantly refreshing her page, yet no influx of likes and support.”

Not ONE member of the Duggar family liked OfPest’s Instagram post. Are they just trying to keep their public image “clean” or do they all think she’s delusional?
by u/cmasonbasili in DuggarsSnark

It’s unclear where Anna stands with her husband’s family. But their decision not to like the post might be a hint that they aren’t on great terms. It’s possible that they aren’t getting along or that there’s even more drama going on behind the scenes.

So, does it surprise you that no one in the Duggar family liked or commented on Anna’s recent post? Do you think they are on the same page as her or do you think they disagree? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. And for more news about the Duggars, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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  1. It’s clear the Duggar family feels no sympathy for their son Josh. They all knew he was guilty, he’s been getting away with it for years! I do feel bad for Anna, but how long did she think his family would stand by her side after their son went to jail? She needs to wake up, move herself & her children far away from Duggar Town. Divorce the child molester she married & move on with life! Why is she making her children suffer for the sins of their father? It’s laughable that Josh’s are asking for a new trail. The new judge could allow more evidence against him!

  2. Honestly Anna is delusional and she needs help. If Josh was my husband I would divorce his ass in a second. It wasn’t just porn he was looking at it was CHILD PORN. How do we know he hasn’t touched or thought of doing it to his kids? I could NEVER trust him alone with my kids how could she? Even in his mug shot he doesn’t look like he has any remorse he is a horrible person where he has molested his own sisters he deserves to be where he is and suffer and be tortured his entire sentence. I dont have any sympathy when it comes to people like him. Those kids are safer and better the hell away from him.

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