Duggar Family Reportedly Feuding And In ‘Chaos’ After Josh’s Trial

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Duggar family fans and critics have been keeping a close eye on them as the results from Josh’s child pornography trial came out on Thursday, December 9. The tension has been building since his arrest in April. Now, we have the verdict, and chaos is ensuing

In case you didn’t know, Josh was arrested for receiving and possessing child porn, which allegedly included content of an infant being abused. The horrific content downloads were traced back to his car lot’s IP address. After an investigation that lasted nearly two years, he was arrested. His trial began on Tuesday, November 30, and it officially came to an end on Thursday, December 9. The jury reached a unanimously guilty verdict. He was then taken into custody and is awaiting sentencing.

The Duggars have maintained a neutral (and sometimes positive) appearance at the courthouse. But a source recently spoke to Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball and told a different story.

The Duggar family experiences chaos amid Josh’s trial and verdict.

In a new social media post on Thursday, Katie gave some insight into what’s going on at the Duggar family’s home right now. She writes, “There is complete chaos in the family due to Jim Bob Duggar lying on the witness stand. Privately, the boys are furious & have angrily confronted Jim Bob for lying, protecting Josh & not protecting their sisters.” 

Katie says that Jim Bob Duggar has placed the blame on his daughter, Jill Dillard. She writes, “He’s telling everyone that Jill lied & that she never woke up & punched Josh while he molested her. He is continuing to allegedly slander Jill to everyone in the family according to my source.” 

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As previously reported, Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth went to Texas for Thanksgiving instead of spending the day with the Duggars. Katie’s source says this is because the couple is on poor terms with Anna, Josh’s wife.

According to the source, Austin previously confronted Anna over her decision to protect Josh. Other Duggar siblings are unhappy with this as well because she has continued to stand by Josh.

The source predicts that more chaos and feuding will be happening soon. So, fans and critics should watch closely to see what happens next.

So, does it surprise you that the Duggar family is not on good terms right now? Do you have any suspicions about what might be coming next? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more Duggar news.

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  1. Not suprised at all Jim Bob needs hung by the nah nah for lying. What we he do to his kids for lying? I know that Jill now the black sheep. Good for her speaking up. And brave boys for defending the sister. Instead of believing their dad is a saint. I do think he indoctrinated Josh into porn world at early age.

    1. It wouldn’t surprise me if Jim Bob and Michelle are in question by some of their fans about just how strong their faith really is. If there’s lying, covering up for 10 years while their daughters could have PTSD, dressing them up like saints but in actuality they are hypocrites, those same daughters have been molested and hushed up by using God as a tool, not the loving Father as he really is. I was suckered in all those years, with the world in the condition that it is, viewing the Duggars as evidence that there is still good, wholesome people in this world. Well, the drop of poison in the clear glass of water has been drank and exposed for its treachery. Just as the Devil comes like an angel of light, but he is actually the king of darkness. So that’s where I’m at with the Duggars, and I feel horrible for those children that are the innocents in this whole sick affair.

      1. I think Jim Bob gave Josh access to hard porn at young age. Then JB being so smug and thinking his son has done no wrong. Yet molested his own flesh. Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. JB is creepy in of himself. Joshy looks plain evil.

  2. Do you think Jim Bob will make Anna get a second husband while Josh in Prison?
    By just doing a spiritual marriage that not a legal just so she can have more babies.
    Tell Josh gets put of prison?

  3. While Josh Duggar is wholly responsible for his depraved criminal acts, his parents are wholly responsible for failing him by not getting him the counseling and not reporting his behavior to the authorities from day one. Who knows…

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