Nostalgic Jon Gosselin Asks Where Does The Time Go?

Jon Gosselin may not have a hit television show on TLC anymore – but he will always be ‘a reality dad.’ On Thursday, the 44-year-old father-of-eight took to Instagram to share a special moment with his followers. As his sextuplets teeter on the edge of becoming adults, Jon wonders where all the time went. What is he reminiscing about? Is it nostalgia for the old days, or regret about life choices over the last decade? Read on to get the details about Gosselin’s latest social media share.

Jon Gosselin Gets Nostalgic On Instagram

Thursday afternoon, Jon Gosselin took to Instagram to share a special milestone with his followers. In a fun, sentimental post, the former reality star shared a short clip from an ABC News interview. The segment was shot shortly after Jon and Kate Plus 8 started airing on TLC.

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The video clip featured Jon talking about each of his beautiful children. He started with his two eldest daughters – twins, Mady and Cara. Jon then moved on to the sextuplets. He describes his relationship with each child, taking the time to tell the world what he loved about each and what some of their shining qualities were. The program combined clips from the show and early family footage to put together the montage that they added to Jon’s interview.

#tbt You look up and it’s 12 years later,” he wrote in the caption. He then added hashtags  #wow, #wheredoesthetimego, and #timeflies  .

Where Does The Time Go?

In his post, Jon muses about how quickly the years have flown by since his children were this small. It’s been more than 12 years now since Jon and his ex-wife, Kate Gosselin, opened up their lives to the world on national television. When the show began, the sextuplets were 5-years-old. The couple’s twin girls were 8.

A lot has happened over the years since the hit reality show began. Jon and Kate Gosselin divorced in 2009. Jon’s split from Kate was the end of his reality fame, however, his children did remain in the spotlight for several more years. TLC dropped Jon from the show and continued filming under a new show name, “Kate Plus 8.” The show officially ended in 2017.

Jon’s fans on social media love seeing him post about his children. Despite not getting to speak with all of them  — fans can tell how much he loves and misses them. The former reality personality has been on national television shows on numerous occasions and has always used the platform to tell his children how much he loves and misses them.

While he has full custody of Collin and Hannah, he has no interaction with the twins and very limited contact with the remainder of the sextuplets. During his last interview with Dr. Oz back in 2021, Jon was asked why his children will not talk to him. Unfortunately, Jon didn’t have an answer for him. He believes that the sheer amount of hatred and animosity their mother has toward him has created a toxic situation. He expressed not knowing whether they are mad at him or whether they are scared they might upset Kate by reaching out to him. Either way, he assured Dr. Oz (and his kids through the camera) that he loves them all and will be there when they are ready to mend that bridge.

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What Are They Doing Now?

As Jon pointed out in his post, it’s been 12 long years since the kids shot their first episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8. Many show fans continue to follow Jon, and love getting updates on Collin and Hannah, both of whom live with Jon in his Pennsylvania home.

Jon is newly single after recently having split with their long-time girlfriend, Colleen Conrad.

Kate Gosselin currently works as a nurse in Troutman, NC. She relocated the kids from Pennsylvania to NC to finish their last two years of school.

The eldest Gosselin children, Mady and Cara are both 20 years old now. The girls have officially flown the coop and are living in the state of New York. Both are attending separate colleges.


Do you think Jon Gosselin will ever be able to mend his relationship with his children? Tell us in the comments below.






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