Jon Gosselin Shares Rare Photo Of Hannah & Collin, HUGE Milestone!

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Former TLC star Jon Gosselin took to Instagram to share a rare photo of his children Hannah and Collin. Turns out, his children were hitting a pretty big milestone. What was this milestone and just how rare is this photo of his children? Keep reading, we’ve got the scoop.

Jon Gosselin shares rare photo of Hannah and Collin

Now, it has been 59 weeks since the last time TLC fans saw a photo of Hannah on Jon’s Instagram profile. And, it has been even longer since fans saw a photo of Colin. On July 4th, Hannah was photographed hanging out with Jon and his girlfriend at the time. His girlfriend that he recently mutually split from. His caption did explain Collin was not in the photo because he had other plans on July 4th.

TLC fans recall watching Collin and Hannah run around in diapers. So, they are a little taken back to see how big Jon Gosselin’s children are! Turns out, the duo were celebrating a pretty big milestone when the photo was snapped. Jon gushed in the caption about how much he loved his children.

Jon Gosselin Instagram
Jon Gosselin Instagram

Sibling duo celebrate entering 11th grade

Jon Gosselin joined the parage of celebrities celebrating the first day of school by sharing a rare photo of Collin and Hannah. According to the caption, his children were very nearly done with high school as they entered 11th grade today.

First day of 11th Grade!!!! Good Luck Hannah and Collin!!! Love Dad.” He penned in the caption of his rare photo of Hannah and Collin Gosselin. 

In the comments, TLC fans were shaken to see how much Hannah and Collin had grown. They could hardly believe they were entering 11th grade this year. As fans know, Hannah and Collin are part of the Gosselin Sextuplets. One fan noted they were so happy the kids were living with dad. Some fans, however, clarified Hannah and Collin were the only two of the sextuplets living with their father. They noted the rest of the sextuplets were “brainwashed” by mom.

Jon Gosselin Instagram
Jon Gosselin Instagram

Unfortunately for gans of the Gosselin family, it has been years since Kate posted photos of her children. Likewise, it has been over a year since she posted anything on Instagram.

Now, their daughter Mady Gosselin does post on her own Instagram from time to time. And, she’s even more active on her TikTok account. In fact, it’s only been three weeks since the last time she posted on Instagram.

Were you surprised Jon Gosselin shared a photo of Hannah and Collin? Do you wish you could see the Gosselin children more often? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the former TLC stars.

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