TLC Alum Jon Gosselin Seeks Winter Fashion Advice

TLC Alum Jon Gosselin Seeks Winter Fashion Advice [Credit: Jon Gosselin/Instagram]

TLC alum Jon Gosselin shared that he’s looking for winter fashion advice. Find out what the former Kate Plus 8 star wanted input on from his social media followers.┬áThis comes soon after he shared his one true love, which is cooking. Even though Jon is good in the kitchen, he claims that he’s not as good with fashion.

He admitted that he needed a little help from his followers. On Sunday, January 30, he took to Instagram to share a few car selfies. The first photo showed Jon in a navy blue winter coat that featured a fur hood and neon green lining. He finished off his look with a black beanie and aviator sunglasses. Underneath, he wore a navy blue patterned cardigan with a bright green T-shirt.

Jon Gosselin needs some fashion advice

The former reality star wasn’t just showing off his winter look. He was also looking for winter fashion advice. He asked fans if they liked the first look or the second one. The first photo showed him wearing the fur hood, while the second one showed him wearing the black beanie.

Jon made it clear that he was clueless when it came to fashion. “Winter look 1? or 2? lol,” Jon Gosselin captioned the post. Over 1,000 fans liked his winter looks. Most of them took to the comment section to offer their input. The fans were split on his winter look.

  • “Love them both.”
  • “The lion look #1.”
  • “Both.”
  • “Love the blonde hair now!”
  • “Two.”
  • “2 lol.”
  • “Both!!!”

You can check out Jon Gosselin’s winter looks for yourself later on in this article. Then tell us which look you like more. Like the rest of the country, Jon was feeling the winter chill this weekend. The East Coast was hit with ice, freezing temperatures, and snowstorms. Jon is gearing up for the winter, but he wants to look fashionable as well.

Jon Gosselin's Miami Look [Credit: Jon Gosselin/Instagram]
[Credit: Jon Gosselin/Instagram]

Kate Gosselin’s ex-husband is living the life

Jon Gosselin has moved on from his former life. If you take a look at his Instagram page, you’ll see that he’s enjoying his life. However, he’s still close to some of his eight children. Not only does he share his travels, but he also shares some of the food that he cooks.

Jon Gosselin has fallen in love with cooking and it shows. Like most people, he took up a new passion in the past few years. Jon’s stylish post comes after his stop in Miami on Sunday, January 13. He shared a photo of himself wearing a black T-shirt with white jeans. The former television personality held a garment bag that contained dress shirts.

“Today was a good day!” Jon Gosselin captioned the post.

Jon Gosselin Wants Winter Fashion Advice [Credit: Jon Gosselin/Instagram]
[Credit: Jon Gosselin/Instagram]
He concluded his cost with the video camera and song emojis. The dad of eight also included the hashtag for “Miami.” Some fans complimented Jon’s shoes while others raved about his good looks. It doesn’t seem like he has a problem with fashion.

So, which winter look do you like more? What are your thoughts on Jon Gosselin’s fashions? Sound off below in the comment section. Check back with TV Shows Ace for more news on Jon Gosselin.

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