Jon Gosselin Admits He Has One True Love

Former TLC Star Jon Gosselin may currently be single, but his social media reveals a different story. In fact, if you closely follow the father-of-8’s Instagram it’s easy to see that he does, in fact, have love in his life. And now it seems like he is ready to share it with the world. Is Jon in a new relationship? Is he moving on from his relationship with Colleen? Read on to get the details.

Jon Gosselin Shares His Life With Fans

In a far contrast from his ex-wife, Kate Gosselin, Jon Gosselin has always been an open book with his fans and followers. While is careful to keep his children’s personal information private, the 44-year-old DJ has no problem letting the public see into his life as it is now.

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From his very blunt interviews with Dr. Oz about his strained relationship with his children and ex-wife to his social media where he shares more about his daily life, Jon avoids being a target of negative media by being transparent with his followers.

Despite the fact that there have been many disappointments and uphill battles in both his personal life and career over the last two decades, Jon has really made it a point to let people into his life and get to know him as a person as opposed to that guy who used to be on television.

Jon’s Social Media Reveals The Love Of His Life

Jon’s fans who follow him on social media have seen him go through a lot over the last few years. Many worried that after his recent split with long-time girlfriend, Colleen Conrad, he might have a hard time finding solid ground again. After all, the couple did date for nearly a decade. Additionally, Gosselin has revealed on several occasions that his son, Collin, had really gotten attached to Colleen over the years, and had been able to open up to her in a way that he was not able to with his own mother.

Unfortunately, Jon is still single. He does not have a woman in his life. John does however have a love and passion in his life — and he loves to share it with his friends and followers on social media.

So what is the love of Jon’s life? Food! That’s right, this former TLC personality is a self-proclaimed foodie. He has a longtime passion for cooking and is not ashamed to share it with the world. Those who follow Jon on social media get the treat of seeing his latest cuisine creations. Jon tells his followers that he not only loves to cook, but he enjoys getting to indulge in new dishes and culinary experiences when he travels.

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The multi-talented reality-dad has often posted polls to find out what he should cook next or which recipe he should share. As of late, the celeb has posted photos of several homemade gourmet meals including amazing pan-seared cajun catfish to some perfectly pink lobster dishes. He even occasionally shares videos of his cooking process.

Labor of Love

Back in the early 2010’s — amidst the drama still swirling around his divorce and custody issues, Jon Gosselin took a job working as a chef for the popular TGI Fridays restaurant chain. Despite attempting to keep the position on the low, someone spotted him and sold the pic to TMZ. The gossip mag quickly outed him, leaving the whole world presuming Jon had taken the job because he was strapped and desperate for cash.

Jon Gosselin Cooking Instagram
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According to him, that was never the case. While fans thought that Jon’s income was limited and he was looking into another income stream, that couldn’t have been further from the truth. Back in 2013 after having to quit his position as a chef because of all the paparazzi and disturbances at work, Jon told the media that his friend was the manager and needed help. He revealed that he was only working two days a week and was donating his check each week to a different charity. The celeb said that he took the position because it allowed him to do something he loved and was passionate about and remembers being very upset about having to quit because of being outed by TMZ.

Now, years later, Jon Gosselin is creating culinary masterpieces in his own kitchen.  His fans seem to really enjoy seeing his posts and seeing how he tackles various dishes.  But, no matter how tasty the food is –  might need to start learning to cook for one – as his two kids at home will soon be flying the nest.


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