Collin Gosselin Writes Touching Mother’s Day Tribute To Jon’s Girlfriend, Colleen Conrad

Collin Gosselin with his dad and sister

Collin Gosselin lives with his dad Jon, his sister Hannah, Jon’s girlfriend Colleen, and her children. While Jon says that Collin still sees a therapist who helps him deal with his mom Kate sending him away to an institution, he’s well-loved these days. Now, he posted a very touching and loving message to Colleen on Mother’s Day.

Collin Gosselin, 16, found a loving home with Jon and his girlfriend Colleen

TV Shows Ace reported that followers of the Kate Plus 8 show know that Kate sent Collin away. But quite why, never was revealed. At one stage, she suggested as a young child he suffered anger issues. Nevertheless, he lives in a loving home these days. However, the years of separation from his family obviously took a toll emotionally. Bear in mind, Collin’s one child in a group of sextuplets. Plus he’s got two sisters, the twins, Mady and Cara. So, he also attends therapy to help him cope with that rejection.

Jon, estranged from his former wife, Kate didn’t know where Collin was. But, after Jon moved on with his full-time registered nurse girlfriend, Colleen, Collin got a letter to him. Obtaining custody of his son means that fans see Collin, his sister Hannah, his dad, Colleen, and her kids enjoy normal family life. Sometimes, Jon shares photos of Collin Gosselin and his new family on vacation together. Now, Collin shared a loving tribute to Colleen, who stepped up as a mom to him.

Mother’s Day tribute to Colleen

Collin made his Mother’s Day post to Colleen private, so it can’t be embedded. Nevertheless, fans who follow him may still see it on his Instagram account. The touching tribute really spoke from the heart, it seems. He shared a photo of him with Colleen, and his caption said, in part, “today we pay love forward to our mothers, but I don’t think mother can describe all the things Colleen has done for me.” He then explained that she’s more than just a mother figure who “cooks” and puts clothes on his back. She’s “also one of [his] best friends.”

Collin Gosselin notes that she stands by him and they share a special love because they laugh together. To Collin, Mother’s Day represents much more than that. Collin Gosselin feels that Colleen goes beyond being a mom. He described her as his “guiding light” noting his words seem inadequate. So much so, that just saying thank you, “doesn’t say enough.” Noting that Colleen made herself “irreplaceable” in his life, Collin added that he loves her very much.” Colleen represents a “strong, happy, loving, and awesome mother figure.”

Responses to Collin’s lovely Mother’s Day message

US Weekly described Collin’s message as a “shade” on his real mom, Kate. But Kate seemingly gave up her motherly role in the young teen’s life years ago. Other fans took a much kinder approach to his tribute. One said, “Oh, that was so beautiful & sweet!! It is such a blessing that you have such a wonderful loving mother figure in Colleen. She even looks like a sweetheart in photos. ❤️” Another fan noted, “What such sweet sediments …she sounds like a wonderful lady glad you have her in your life.”

Many other nice messages went Collin Gosselin’s way, and lots of his fans wished Colleen a “happy Mother’s Day.” What did you think of Collin’s tribute to Colleen? Are you happy he found a stable and loving life after years of separation? Sound off in the comments below.

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