Jon Gosselin Reveals Collin, 17, Enlisted

Jon Gosselin - Collin Gosselin Instagram

Jon Gosselin gave an update on his son Collin during his recent appearance on The Dr. Oz Show.

Jon Gosselin opens up about Collin’s future

With the Gosselin family no longer on TV and fairly inactive on social media, fans often look for updates on how the children are doing. What future plans does Collin have? Jon admitted that his son had a few options for his future. But, he did make the decision to enlist.

The 44-year-old explained: “My son recently enlisted in the service so he could graduate early or he could stay another year.”

He wants to go in the reserves, he’s choosing between the army and the marines. He scored really well on his testing for the army.”

Jon Gosselin - Collin Gosselin Instagram

Collin once accused his father of abusing him

TLC fans will recall Jon and Collin have a pretty nasty history. In an Instagram post he later deleted, Collin accused his father of beating him.

His deleted post read: “My dad is a liar. Yesterday he beat me up and thought nothing of it, he punched me in the face and gave me a swollen nose and I started bleeding. He then continued to kick me in the ribs after I was on the floor. He is a liar.”

Jon Gosselin adamantly denied he had ever caused any harm to his son. According to The Sun, a representative of the former TV personality noted there had never been any charges filed against Jon. And, he would never harm his son.

Collin has endured severe trauma. Jon is a loving father who has worked hard to ensure that his son gets the support and help he needs.”

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The feud between Jon and Kate Gosselin divided the family

After more than two decades of being together, Jon and Kate Gosselin split. A heated custody battle proceeded. After a great deal of back and forth, it was agreed the couple would split the children. Four of the sextuplets the couple shared — Aaden, Joel, Alexis, and Leah — would live with Kate. The other two, Colin and Hannah, would live with Jon.

Being legal adults at the time, Mady and Cara were not part of the custody battle and ditched the family and drama for college.

Are you surprised to learn the 17-year-old has decided to enlist? Do you think the army or the marines could be a good fit for Collin? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest TLC news.

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