Christine Brown Shares Glimpse Of New Life Amid Dramatic Tell All

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Despite the upheavals being exposed within the family dynamic, Christine Brown is enjoying her new life outside of the chaos. The explosive first half of the season finale is airing tonight on TLC but this longtime reality personality isn’t letting the drama get to her. The 49-year-old mom-of-6 is loving the experience of being her own person and sharing her healing journey on Instagram with her followers. What does Christine’s new life look like post-Kody? Read on to see what the reality star is up to these days.

Christine Brown Is #Blessed

Early Sunday, Christine shared a heartfelt post on Instagram. The reality star shared a photo of a beautiful moment shared with her granddaughter, Avalon. Now just under 11-months-old, the super-cute toddler sits on her grandmother’s lap. Her big blue eyes are looking over at the camera as she fiddles with a stuffed toy cat.

Christine Brown, Season Finale Interview - TLC
Photo Credit: TLC

As Christine interacts with baby Avalon, a huge, genuine smile breaks out across her face. Kody Brown‘s former wife looks absolutely enamored and in love with her daughter’s child. Fans were quick to notice how utterly peaceful and happy she appears to be.

“I adore being an Oma,” Christine exclaims happily in her caption, “It’s so rewarding watching your children become incredibly amazing parents and then getting this wonderful bundle of love along with it! She finishes her post by adding #oma #blessed.

A Perfectly Timed Post Indeed

Christine’s sharing of this sweet moment is perfectly timed. The first part of the super explosive Sister Wives season finale airs tonight on TLC, and it airs a lot of the Brown family’s dirty laundry — especially when it comes to Kody and Christine’s marriage.

Through Season 16, we have gotten an up-close and personal look at some of the major fractures in the couple’s relationship. Some of these rifts go way back. Some were created by the Covid-19 world – and some only exacerbated by it.

Tonight’s episode reveals that the pair are now officially “divorced.” At the time that the show was filmed – there were still a lot of heated feelings from all sides. Christine reveals why she chose to leave, how she felt about the other sister wives and why staying in the folds of the family dynamic was no longer enough for her.

Fans seeing the first part of the finale found it easy to empathize with Christine. Her emotions are very raw during her interview. It’s easy to see how absolutely heartbroken she was at the thought of being emotionally and physically forsaken by the man she has given more than 25 years of her life to.

Chrisitne Brown and Baby Avalon - Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

What’s Next For Christine Brown

As with most reality shows, the content in the current episodes was filmed quite a while back. Christine and Kody have been ‘divorced’ for some time now. The process of splitting is quite simple compared to traditional marriage. Other than the matter of custody, there is nothing legally binding the two of them together.

Christine has her own income, both from participating in the show and through her work as a Lularoe retailer. She did opt to leave her home in Arizona after the split. The TLC star and her youngest daughter, Truely, moved back to Utah and are living in a lovely duplex apartment.

While Christine was obviously very sad about how her marriage ended, she doesn’t seem to be letting the sadness keep her from living. In part one of the finale, she reveals feeling that polygamy is no longer “for her.” After giving plural marriage 28 years of her life, and having it end in a way that left her feeling like a disposable asset, Christine is now making choices from a different mindset.  Since the split with Kody, she has expressed her desire to do what is best for HER and HER children. Christine has also alluded that the decisions she makes will be based on their needs and happiness.

Surely, after spending so long within the family unit, there are still ties to the family. She has, however, made it very clear that her relationship with Kody is null and void and that she is doing her best to move past it in a way that is healthy for her and her children.

Do you think that Christine seems happier since her split? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Christine is a lovely and beautiful woman. Her decision to do what was best for her and her children was a difficult journey but she did it and will now be full of happiness and NO loneliness. Kody was cruel to her. He has so much anger and baggage and he definitely abandoned her. He was an evil man (boy child) to do this but I guess he is doing this to Meri and Janelle also. If he is fulfilled and happy with Robyn so be it. Kody should accept that he is not a living in polygamy relationships anymore and that only way to Heaven is to be a good person in body and spirit. He might believe that if he has many children and wives that is his ticket but we are here to learn and to be kind and loving. He has truly missed the message. Good luck to Christine she is what a good person is. What a wonderful women.

  2. It would seem that once a ‘wife’ is no longer a viable baby making individual, Kody has no use for her sexually. I am tempted to call him by less human names! Go find a job Kody. Learn to support yourself and your minor children. Learn what being a male human really means.

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