‘Sister Wives’ Season 16 One On One Part 1 Recap-Jan. 30

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Last week on the Season 16 finale of Sister Wives, everyone gathered at Robyn’s for Ariella’s fifth birthday. Yet shortly after, they learned their nanny and her husband had COVID. Everyone had been so careful with Christmas and followed Kody’s rules. Janelle and Christine laughed at the irony that an outsider hired by Kody brought the virus in. Luckily, everyone was negative. After the scare, Christine and Kody had a chat where she learned he no longer wanted an intimate marriage with her.

Though she knew he was not really attracted to her and they had not been happy for years, this was the last straw. She could not be in a marriage like that. Kody claimed people were in romance-free marriages all the time. This was not for her so she told him he was not allowed in her bed anymore. Furthermore, she packed up all of his stuff and left it in the basement. This week, everyone will talk about what has transpired individually in a one-on-one tell-all. Nothing is off-limits.

Sister Wives Breakdown

Sukanya Krishnan will be hosting the three-part event and for the first time, they will all be interviewed separately for a tell-all. Christine admits she is nervous but mentally prepared. Janelle is up first and is happy to have a semblance of normalcy with this interview. They talk about how, pre-pandemic, Janelle wanted to get everyone together and have a communication chat. The family was starting to break down and she wanted to try to fix it. She could see the wives had less in common with their kids growing up. More so, they had to make a vehement effort to do make time together.

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Kody adds that in Vegas, there was more of an urgency to rectify issues that went away in Flagstaff. Meri attributed it to just getting used to a new town so that was why they did not spend much time together. Christine had felt it was a hostile environment and like she was hated, as seen in the footage of them at dinner. Yet, Robyn tried to reassure her she was loved. Even Janelle tried to make her feel better because she had always seen Christine as the life of the party.

Christine shares she wanted to be authentic. It was a big deal for the wives and Kody to make time to get together for this dinner. Therefore, she did not want to hide anything. She also adds she was more or less arguing with herself. Before going to gatherings, no one would reach out to each other and it was hard for Christine to see Kody with the other wives.

The Pandemic Devastation

It was incredibly hard for Christine to be at family functions due to her marital breakdown with Kody. Meri would check up on Christine to see how she was doing because she had been in her shoes. She admits it was not always reciprocated by her sister wife. Meri admits she did not fully realize how bad things were between Kody and Christine. Christine says she did have hope for the relationships after the dinner because the sister wives did have fun without Kody. Then the pandemic hit and that changed everything.

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Kody starts out with how the kids were sent home from school and life hit hard for the households. They now play footage of Kody and his pandemic protocol rage, how it affected his family. He claims he wanted to prevent the death of a child. Robyn was the one to say she was keeping the rules because her kids needed their dad. He had another wife who was willing to keep the rules but kids who wouldn’t. The third wife would not at all and that was Christine.

She says she could not follow his rules simply because she had kids in other states. However, she did follow the CDC guidelines and should not have had to choose between Kody and her kids. He cites how Truely almost died as a little girl because of her kidneys. Yet he does feel he could have been looser. Robyn wishes they could have meshed Kody and Christine’s rules as she starts to cry then adds she hates crying. Can they ever recover?

Lonely Sister Wives

The best part about having sister wives is never having to walk through life alone. Sadly, the pandemic was not great for that. Meri found herself alone a lot in her home in Flagstaff as no one really reached out to her at all and she has no marriage to Kody. She admitted if she got sick, she would just be alone in her home. That is a sad thought. She also shared she believed the family was happy the pandemic hit so they would not have to forcefully gather. In the interview, Meri means it is really just easier.

Kody Brown and Meri Brown via YouTube
Kody Brown and Meri Brown via YouTube

Janelle says she mourned during the isolation period. She was really sad because everyone chose something different since they had always gathered. Meri shares they texted but it was with Robyn the most. Sukanya addresses Meri saying if she got COVID, no one would even know. This frustrates Janelle because if Meri gets sick, she would want Meri to call her. The marriage between Kody and Meri is addressed with Christine and her heart breaks for them.

Footage now rolls of Meri and Kody’s marriage and the struggles they have gone through including the catfishing incident. They were very much in love when they got married but she admits she was jealous when he married Janelle. She admits she had a harder time when Christine came in and she does not know why. Finally, Robyn came in. When it comes time for Kody to talk about his relationship with Meri, he says there is nothing to talk about. He did not know why they were even married at one point.

The End Of Kody And Meri

The wives can leave whenever they want yet Kody cannot leave them. Sukanya says Kody emotionally abandoned Meri and Kody takes offense to that. He claims Meri was the one who was leaving him and had the affair. She was ready to go with a richer man and was leaving his butt behind. Somehow, everyone rallied around Meri and, in Kody’s mind, made it all go away. He thinks Meri believes she did nothing wrong. Meri feels she and Kody had an honest conversation about the catfishing incident. She also adds she was never leaving but she did consider all her options.

Sister Wives Credit: TLC

Sukanya and Meri go on to watch the thirtieth-anniversary date which was devastating. She says she is still committed and still has the hope to be in full fellowship. Meri is guided to be in the family, it is right for her. Kody openly admits to Sukanya he will never be in a conjugal relationship with Meri as he never wants to go through the emotional torture again.

They have not been intimate for a decade but Meri has hope. She is staying for the full family. Kody says he will never feel safe with her and it was the catfish that was the final straw. However, she will always be taken care of and is always his friend. Is that enough for Meri? Kody says it’s not enough for anyone but everyone makes their choices.

Next time on part two, Robyn is asked if she is an easy target as she is the only one having a full-functioning relationship with Kody. Christine shares why polygamy is not for her as Kody says she was stabbing him in the back. Don’t miss Sister Wives: One on One next Sunday on TLC.




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  1. It’s funny that Kody wants to blame Meri for the cat fishing incident or her so called affair as the end for them. He wants to act like Meri and Christine betrayed him well…., hello isn’t he the one that has been sleeping with four women through the years. So happy Christine left, I hope Janelle does and for the life of me I can’t understand Meri staying.

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