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‘Sister Wives’: Truely’s Kidney Condition Explained With Update

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One of the reasons Sister Wives Kody Brown overly enforced rules in the beginnings of COVID was two-fold. Firstly, he has a large family. Because he rotates between three out of four wives, he did not want to be the carrier of the virus. If the wives and kids were lazy when it came to social distancing and abiding by rules, it could harm everyone on a grander scale. Secondly, he has two children who were at higher risk.

His son, Solomon (with Robyn) has RSV as a baby so his lungs were compromised. Finally, Christine and Kody’s youngest daughter Truely had severe kidney issues as a toddler. This has been brought up in past episodes yet it has not been deeply delved into What exactly happened to Truely and how is she now?

A Sister Wives Worst Nightmare

Many viewers remember watching Truely deal with her kidney issues. Yet, so much has happened in the past sixteen seasons that the timeline can become a blur. Starcasm has the complete timeline of exactly what occurred and how it affected the family. In the summer of 2013, when Truely was three, the wives had gone away together. This is obviously something that would not happen now.

Sister Wives Truely
Sister Wives Truely

Kody was in charge of all four households in Las Vegas though it was seemingly a smidge easier than in Flagstaff. Back in Vegas, the wives lived in a cul-de-sac so it was fairly easy to walk in and out of one another’s homes. Fortunately for Kody and the moms, the older kids were still around, especially with it being summer so they were able to lend a hand to the younger kids. What would happen during the wives’ fateful trip played out the following year in Season 6.

Sister Wives Christine Brown And Truely
Sister Wives Christine Brown And Truely

It started with Kody burning some steaks while trying to comfort Truely who had hurt her toe. Over the next few days, the Browns tried to engage in some family fun. However, Truely felt sick and ultimately had kept Christine’s eldest daughter, Aspyn up all night because she was so restless. Kody checked her out and believed it was simply the flu. This was not to be by the time Christine returned home.

What’s Wrong With Truely?

There was something seriously wrong and she could not express it. According to Mykelti, sometimes she would cry and want to be held. Other times, she just wanted to be left alone. Eventually, the situation needed medical attention as Truely had gone cross-eyed. While Kody was off buying Mariah a car because she was headed to college, Christine took her baby girl to their pediatrician. He knew it was serious and believed it was one of three things: meningitis, brain tumor, and kidney failure.

Sister Wives Truely Brown Christine Brown
TLC Sister Wives

She did ultimately have kidney failure due to dehydration brought on by the flu. Aspyn felt guilty as she was the adult in charge but she was just a teenager. Kody also felt immense guilt as he should have ensured she was well-hydrated. The family prayed together. She did have to get dialysis though the doctors tried to put it off. It took a while for it to work and it almost didn’t. They were staring a parent’s worst nightmare in the face. Meri even told Kody not to come to bring Mariah to school with her. Truely’s health was more important.

Credit: Truely Brown IG
Credit: Truely Brown IG

In the end, she made a full recovery and is out there, playing with her siblings. In the most recent episode of Sister Wives, her, Solomon, and Ari were getting heat from Kody for not being socially distanced when they played. She is just a loving girl who wants to share this with all of her family. Yes, COVID has brought up some unpleasant memories for the family of what she went through. Yet, she is proving to be unstoppable.

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