Kody Brown Cuts Deep At Tell-All In Bizarre Rant About Meri

Season 16 of Sister Wives has been very interesting for Kody Brown and his four wives. By the end of it, he told Christine he no longer wanted an intimate marriage with her. In return, she let him know he was no longer welcomed in her bedroom. Additionally, she packed up all of his stuff and left it in the basement. For him, he felt all marriages did not need romance. He explained he has seen plenty of marriages that functioned just fine without intimacy. In fact, Kody has had one with his first wife, Meri for years.

He is married to her, she is not going anywhere and has made that abundantly clear. During the entire season, Meri was seen grabbing at straws to get attention from her husband. Fans deemed her pathetic and she acknowledged this. However, she does not care what people think. That might all change when the tell-all airs Sunday, January 30th. Kody is not in the best place with some of his wives and he’s about to cut Meri even deeper.

Kody Brown and Meri’s Harsh Ups and Downs

Viewers have seen Kody and Meri’s marital ups and downs over the past twelve years. It started out with her being the main legal wife and everyone else spiritual. Furthermore, she was the one who brought Robyn into the family by encouraging Kody to dance with her. That was when the sparks flew and the courting begin. Kody and Meri still seemed to have a functional marriage.

Kody Brown and Meri Brown via YouTube
Kody Brown and Meri Brown via YouTube

Their biggest issue seemingly was the fact she had only given him one child, Mariah. Yet, it was not for a lack of trying as Meri struggled with fertility problems. Her relationship with Robyn was so strong, Robyn offered to be a surrogate to their baby. Unfortunately, the relationship began to crumble with Meri seeking love on the internet. It nearly destroyed the family. After that, Kody and Meri’s relationship turned into a simple friendship.

Last season, she was seen on their thirtieth wedding anniversary trying to resolve their issues and come back together. He claimed he wanted her to court him yet he wanted nothing to really do with her anymore. This season, she was grabbing at straws for any attention he would give her. Though he has been clear the marriage is over, she keeps trying. Now it is tell-all time, the first in a handful of seasons, and Kody is not holding back, especially when it comes to Meri.

The Marriage With Meri

One issue that will be revisited in the tell-all is Meri’s “affair” which was ultimately her getting catfished online. Fans are so tired of hearing about this incident. Let it go. However, they do want to know Kody’s true feelings about his marriage with his former first wife. She is now just a wife as they divorced in 2014 so he could marry Robyn and legally adopt her three kids from a previous marriage. Though he and Meri are just friends, what really led to the breakdown.

Kody Brown Credit: TLC

He says there was a hardness in their marriage, making him wonder why they were even in it. Eventually, they sought counseling which led him to tell her they were not getting back together. The host asks why he did not just leave Meri. He claims it is a double-standard as the wives are free to leave whenever they choose but he cannot. She then challenges him saying he has left emotionally. He takes offense to the word abandon, claiming Meri had an affair. Kody alleges she was leaving him, told everyone but had to backtrack when she was catfished.

Meri Brown via YouTube 1

Meri believes she and Kody Brown had an honest conversation about the incident. She says she was never leaving the family but was just in a very dark place. It was an outlet. That incident was not the defining issue in their marriage yet it did not help. Find out more when the Sister Wives tell-all airs Sunday, January 30th on TLC.


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