Kody & Meri Brown Sexless Over 10 years, Says Will Never Trust Her Again

Kody Brown and Meri Brown via YouTube

An all-new one-on-one special of Sister Wives is set to air Sunday night. Tough questions are asked and honest answers are given. Sukanya Krishnan asks some hard questions of Kody Brown and all his wives. She talks to Meri Brown about her lack of intimacy with Kody. Both Kody and Meri have a lot to say. Keep reading to find out more.

Kody and Meri Brown talk about their sexless marriage

In the one-on-one interviews, Meri Brown confirms that she has not had intimate relations with Kody in more than a decade. Kody also confirmed that his marriage to Meri has been sexless for more than ten years. People shared a sneak peek of what’s to come during these explosive interviews.

The interview features a conversation with Meri where Sukanya asks her why she chooses to stay with Kody since there is no intimacy. Meri says, “This is my family, like I don’t understand people who think, ‘Well just because you don’t have this relationship with Kody, why don’t you just leave?’ Because I don’t want to.” She continued, “It doesn’t make sense to me when people ask me that all the time.”

Meri Brown via YouTube 1

Many think Meri should follow Christine Brown’s lead and leave Kody. However, Meri is close to all of the children and seemingly has made her choice. When asked why she hasn’t followed Christine and left Kody Meri has a simple answer. She said that she and Christine are just two different people with different sets of values.

Christine was also asked why she thinks Meri has chosen to stay with Kody despite all their issues and lack of intimacy. Christine said she wasn’t sure. She said, “I don’t know how she does it.” She continued, “I guess she’s more fine with it than I am.”

Kody Brown via YouTube 2

Kody also weighs in on relationship with Meri

Kody Brown shared his honest feelings about Meri as well. He is set in his ways that he does not want an intimate relationship with Meri anymore. He says they can be friends but nothing more.

Kody said, “There’s a point where intimacy is just damaged. It’s misleading to have intimacy in a relationship where there is no real safety, I’m not going there.”

The host clarified with Kody exactly what he meant by asking, “You’re telling me that you don’t feel safe with Meri?” Kody responded saying, “No, and I never will again. I will be her friend, I will do what I can to protect her. I will build a house for her out on Coyote pass, but I’m never going to feel safe in an intimate place.”

Kody also confirms that it was not the catfishing scandal that surrounded Meri in the past that led him to his decision. He said the catfishing scandal just woke him up from a daze.

Sukanya asked him if it was enough for Meri to stay committed to the family and only be a friend to him. Kody said, “I don’t think that’s enough for anybody, but everybody makes their choices.”

Fans won’t want to miss this explosive tell-all by Kody and the Sister Wives. 

The one-on-one episode of Sister Wives airs Sunday (10 p.m. ET) on TLC.

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  1. You know I am so fat up with that, so call of a man. I don’t know what this Beautiful and Talented and Amazing Women ever thought that they could have anything, He liked to played and he found you Beautiful Women. I’m sorry I couldn’t go on and on then cry’s on T. V and you all feel bad.. Love and God Bless

  2. MAYBE if YOU were spending time with HER she would not have been looking for companionship elsewhere. YOU abandoned all the wives for Robyn.

  3. Cody says he doesn’t think friendship is enough for anyone, when speaking of Mary…but he was surprised that Christine left, after he said he didn’t love her, was not attracted to her, and no longer wanted an intimate relationship with her. Seems he says what is convenient for him at the time …totally contradicting himself. I’d like to see him left with only Robin and her income. Try paying off that property and building a hose with 3 less incomes! He’s such a jerk!

  4. Really Mary is an amazing woman. Kody needs a reality check. Take a hard look at what you have! Please give Mary a chance 🙏

  5. I’m tired of hearing Kody say “this isn’t what I signed up for.” In reality he plays the rules according to which wife he’s referring to. I’m sure Meri didn’t sign up for no intimacy for 10 years, or janelle probably never thought the day would come when Kody would not see their children for 9 months. Bless Christine for walking away. Sobbin’
    Robyn can have him to herself. They deserve each other!

  6. Meri is weak, she doesnt know how to be by herself @ all, that’s why she stays!!!
    Kody is ‘lts my way or the highway’!!.why would u screw/stay with an arsehole like that!!!
    Robyn is a loser!!!(Kody’s words-she OBEDIENT!!)

  7. I wonder who this guy thinks he is.
    He treats his wives and kids like they are his belongings. The only PDA I have seen on the show is to wife Robin and her kids. His older kids reach out and get nothing.
    Robin is a master manipulator. She pretends to be so friendly to the others all the while pushing kody to drop the other wives and kids. Those two are disgusting and destroyed the lives of these women and their kids.

    1. I think Klody and Robot are in it together. I used to think she was orchestrating this from the sidelines but he is so mean, cruel and cavalier about his actions.

  8. This guy is such a ignorant egomaniac. He deserves to be alone and definitely doesn’t deserve his wives or family! He treats them badly and is a horrible husband and father. Christine is free, bless her, I wish that Janelle and Meri would follow suit. Robyn, well meh. She is not my favorite either.

  9. I love this show! It’s so damn interesting. I’m glad to watch this family and all their dynamics! Thanks so much for letting me watch your family!

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