Meri Brown Gives Update On Her And Kody Status

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Meri Brown has admitted COVID was very hard on her. She was extremely isolated and lonely since her marriage to Kody had disintegrated into a friendship. Kody even admitted Meri’s sister wives were not actively seeking out a friendship with her. The one she felt closest with was Robyn and that was because she adored her youngest children and vice versa. At the same time, Meri’s daughter, Mariah was off in Utah manning the inn for her mother so that added to her loneliness. In the upcoming episode of Sister Wives, Meri explains where her marriage with Kody stands.

Meri Brown- First Wife No More

When the series first started in 2010, Meri was introduced as the first wife to Kody. She was his only legal wife with Janelle and Christine being his second and third spiritual wives. He would soon introduce Robyn, a woman he was courting. She came into the picture thanks to Meri’s encouragement and the two were eventually married. The four wives all blended very well with Meri and Robyn clicking the best.

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Meri only had one child so she and Robyn had a lot of fun. She was also attempting to expand her family with Kody and Robyn made her a very generous offer. After Robyn gave birth to her first biological child with Kody, she offered to be Meri’s surrogate. This was something so very special to Meri and the two also worked side by side on a family business. Together, they launched My Sister Wife’s Closet.

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Unfortunately, Robyn was hurt when Meri wanted to switch her focus to school and spend less time on the business. However, she selflessly divorced Kody in 2014 so he could marry Robyn and legally adopt her three kids from a previous marriage. Sadly, Meri and Kody started having problems and never quite recovered. She really tried to get back what they had but they are now at a standstill. He wants to keep it at a low-key friendship while she is desperate for any signs of attention. So, where do they currently stand, at least on the show?

Where Do Meri and Kody Stand?

In an Us Weekly preview for next week’s episode, Meri and Robyn are talking about their individual relationships with Kody. Robyn claims she is tired from having Kody around constantly as she did not sign up for monogamy. As for Meri Brown, she does not know exactly where she fits in. She knows she’s a wife technically but she really is not so sure. It does not even feel as if she is a sister wife anymore. She has had no legal ties to Kody since the divorce.

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In a moment of full transparency, Meri tells Robyn of Kody: “He told me that we can be friends, and that’s all.” Throughout the past two seasons, Kody has made it very clear that he and Meri are just friends. It was very odd, however, that during their thirtieth wedding anniversary Kody claimed he needed to be courted by Meri. Yet, the more she tries the more he pulls away.

Are you surprised they are still just friends? Let us know in the comments and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.


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  1. It’s time for Meri Brown to move on it seems that doesn’t wants to be in her company any more it seems that even after kody divorce Meri to marry Robyn that would have let me know my marriage to kody was over cone on Meri wake and smell ?the coffee

    1. Your right. I hate for it her. I think there was some issues there after the divorce too. Kody looks to be not fully honest with his wives. Once he got with Robin things changed and it’s not Robins fault but Kody’s hidden agenda. Meri should just leave. She’ll be less stressed

    2. I agree don’t stay where unfortunately your not wanted you can still see kids that should not change after Covid let them support themselfs you support you

      1. I really dislike this man what a prick he is if anyone spoke to me as he does his “wives” I would slap him down so hard he wouldn’t need a shovel to dig his own grave nasty nasty selfish person he is …………..good on you Christine getting out…….. now Meri follow suit your a good looking woman but your confidence is way off base ……look at your daughter and learn

  2. Kody has 4 oh I mean 3 wives and 1 ” friend” so if hes ” lonely” he just can move on to the next wife.Meri is LONELY she sits and WAITS And WAITS and….NOTHING! LET HER GET A REAL MAN! She was catfished BECAUSE SHES LONELY..HE HASNT been a husband so WHY would he get upset if she talks to someone else? Too bad it wasnt a real man.She deserves to be HAPPY. KODY GROW SOME BALLS AND START BEING THE HUSBAND SHE LEGALLY MARRIED YEARS AGO!

  3. He is not a “supportive” spouse to ANY of them. He has said Meri disgusts him. The only reason he “keeps” her is the__$$ she brings in to support the. If a man said I was “disgusting” I’d be gone so fast his greasy faux-locs would blow in the gust of wind left behind when I booked out.

  4. I feel sorry for Meri ,but I get it why she’s still trying her best I remember when I was young my dad married a second wife things changed he started abusing my mom he didn’t come to our house he told my mom to do what ever she Wants but my mom didn’t want to go and leave us she stays looking after us

  5. What Cody BROWN has is just a harem. Polygamy is horny men who want variety .not religion. A nasty practice that should have very tough laws against warps a lot of the kids . Causes a lot of pain for the women and kids.lts gross.

  6. Don’t you think that all this going back and forth is because they have drama going on so their TV show will stay in the air.

  7. He’s a fool Christine did the right thing, who lets a daughter go and have back surgery and doesn’t even go with her? Meri is a beautiful lady she can do better leave the jerk alone he doesn’t know what he’s throwing away, and hope jannelle does the same kids come first they’re not legally married… these women can do so much on their own they are on their own most of the time… kody go exercise on the garage…

    1. YES amen I agree.. Roybn is a home wrecker but kody also is a disgusting human so they are made for one another.

  8. Meri, it’s time to let go of Kody and let a better husband & father come into your life. You deserve a man who will respect you and does not play emotional and psychological games with you. Kody does this to you because he has narcissistic personality disorder and is projecting it onto you instead of seeking the professional help he needs.

  9. It’s sad but Meri should move on. I love the lord with all my heart but I am sure he wants you happy so way stay somewhere you are not wanted. To me Kodi is in this for love of god as well as everyone involved but Kodi is not trying at all if he tried along with Meri maybe it could be more but without him trying move on.

  10. Kody needs to forgive Meri and move past all of the bs. He needs to man up and be her husband and do his husband duties like showing her affection and stop leaving her alone. He is VERY childish and makes me sick. He is always bringing up religion but then treat HIS wife like trash. She should have slapped the dog mess out of him with that friend talk after 30 years. He is crazy and need some counseling. Maybe ALL of them should leave him high and dry!

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