‘Sister Wives’ Tell All Date Revealed, Which Wife Will Spill The Tea?

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In the Season 16 finale of Sister Wives, viewers were left with the demise of Christine and Kody’s twenty-seven-year marriage. She had packed up all of his stuff and left it in the garage for him to retrieve when he came by. Though he was initially taken aback, he admitted to feeling a sense of relief. In the preview for next week’s one-on-one interview, the wives and Kody will sit down individually. Yet, what exactly will be shared, and who has the most to spill?

Sister Wives Ends With A Bang

The final episode of the season was a big deal. It started with a celebration in honor of Robyn and Kody’s daughter, Ariella turning five. Yet the excitement quickly faded when they learned their nanny and her husband had COVID. This meant the entire Brown clan had been exposed to the virus. Of course, Janelle and Christine could not help but laugh at the irony. Here Kody was slamming them for not properly following his strict mandates and protocols. However, it was his unnecessary outsider who brought COVID inside.

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Kody Brown via YouTube

Luckily, everyone tested negative but Janelle is later seen self-filming. Both her sons Gabriel and Garrison were positive for the virus. She and her daughter, Savanah were then awaiting their awaiting test results. At the same time, Christine shared she and Kody’s marriage was truly crumbling. It had been a mess for some time but now, he admitted he did not want to be intimate with her anymore. He claimed many marriages had no romance in them but it was over for her.

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Credit: Christine and Kody Brown via YouTube

She proceeded to tell him he was not welcomed in her room anymore and packed up all of his stuff. He has nothing with his former first wife Meri aside from a friendship. The pandemic has alienated Kody away from his second wife, Janelle. Though Robyn has been his “obedient wife,” she did not sign up for monogamy and that is what she has gotten for a long time. So, what will be revealed at the tell-all and who will dish the most?

The Wives Tell-All And Kody Gets Candid

Next week, the wives and Kody will tell all but in a new forum. It will be a one-on-one with the host as opposed to the typical couch gathering. Each wife and Kody will be able to speak freely. Who will say what? For starters, Christine confirms she and Kody are divorced, according to the preview. Kody throws out there that he never said they would never be intimate again. However, he had stipulations.

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Sister Wives YouTube

Additionally, Meri’s affair is brought up. This is in reference to the catfishing incident several years ago. Meri claims if Kody wants to give up, he can which he all but has. She is the one who is persistent and quite frankly, desperate by viewer’s standards. The other wives chime in on what appears to be the downfall of Kody and Christine’s marriage and she still maintains it was the hardest time of her life.

Janelle Brown/Robyn Brown/YouTube
Janelle Brown/Robyn Brown/YouTube

Tell All Date Revealed?

According to Reddit, it appears part one will consist of Kody, Christine, and Meri. It is suspected to have been done this way because Meri brings nothing to the table. It is doubtful Kody will ever own up to his downfalls or shortcomings. As for Christine, she will continue to keep it classy. Part two is expected to be Robyn and Janelle who has had enough of being talked down to. There are rumors she is the next to fly the coop.

Are you excited for the Sister Wives tell-all? Let us know and don’t miss it next Sunday, January 30th on TLC.


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  1. Ok you clearly just don’t like Meri. The tell-all was probably done as individual interviews due to the overall tention from all parties NOT because “Meri brings nothing” to the table. They probably didn’t want to all be in the same room on the sofa together having opinions about each others marriages especially Christine’s and Kody’s.

  2. So much drama by Christine! At anytime she was free to call Cody and ask to meet outside to talk in person or just phone talk to express that in her mind he preferred Robin…but did she? No never! Instead she shared with other mothers and children her theory or feelings and spread a lie and fear! Cody recently learned through talking to his oldest Sons! He felt it and she not only betrayed him by talking to others…she also spread hurt with his kids! Everything she has said like going back to Utah, not home for holidays together, etc. Has been hurtful and yet Cody should be kissing up to her to make it work?? Christine plays games and is a drama queen and when he doesn’t react how she wants….its like bye and moves him out???

    1. Lol you’re seriously invested in the relationship huh. Smh.
      Christine did what she needed to do for her own mental health and wellness.
      Also, it was Janelle’s sons that you are claiming to be Christine’s. It’s odd how you are so up in arms about how Christine has handled all of this yet you don’t even know who’s kids are who’s. Actually,kind of hilarious.

  3. Christine grow up and quit acting wounded to get attention! Not how adults with children act! Almost feels scripted by producers and not real! Christine is a shit stirrer and doesn’t go along with anything! A huge house would have solved so much …but Christine decided no way! I’ve always seen her as the whiner and so needy! Bad attention creates bad responses DUH! Very childish. Had she been this way if not on show and now financially independent?

    1. Your crazy. She is hurt by Kody’s resentment and him not fulfilling her needs as a woman. I would have left years ago. She has done everything for this family including raising other wives kids. So she deserves a little happiness in her life. Stop judging.

  4. I realize Meri had an “emotional affair” online but Kody acts like she had no reason to seek emotional supprt elsewhere when he holds intimacy over their heads like a reward for doing what he says, when he says it and if not well they are cut off. I don’t think Janelle cares if he is intimate with her, I think she hasn’t for a long while.

    Kody is still beating them over the head for every little thing they say or do that doesn’t worship atthe feet of the Kody-God.

  5. Kody would be nothing without Meri.. I would leave Kody in the dust if I were these women..if Robyn’s goal was to be the lone wife, well your kids will grow up fast and you will be left for a younger woman,, it’s in the ratings and their is no sister wife’s with just Robyn.

  6. So many things to say…1) Meri has been punished and shunned by Kody ever since the catfish incident. She made a mistake. When you love someone, there has to be forgiveness. Continued punishment is not the way “love is multiplied”.2) Kody chose this life style. He needs to man up and be there for his wives and children. To not attend his daughter’s surgery bc of Covid paranoia is beyond me. NOTHING should keep you separated from your children, not even Covid.3) It is Kody’s job as the husband/father to keep the family together. He is the one who is responsible for making it work. The older adult children are just as important as the younger ones. If you are going to live it then own it.

    1. Totally agree. Cody has become a deadbeat dad to all his kids except Robyn’s. He already treats Meri, Janelle and Christine as ex-wives and their kids as obstacles to his new monogamous lifestyle (at least until he finds a newer shinier model to replace Robyn). I really can’t stand Cody anymore.

  7. So true! Cody takes no responsibility for how his legal divorce from first wife Meri – so he could turn around and legally marry Robyn and adopt her three children (whose father was still alive!) – might have driven Meri to seek companionship elsewhere. Especially because Cody was already favoring Robyn at the expense of his other three wives.

  8. Sister Wives should be a show of just the wives. Follow their coming’s and goings and leave Kody high, dry and broke. He can sell his crown and live on that. I have never seen a poorer excuse for a man.

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