Kody Brown’s Sons Gabriel & Garrison Test Positive

Gabe, Garrison/ Credit: YouTube

Kody Brown has been super strict with his pandemic rules and regulations. Yet, on this week’s episode of Sister Wives, it is actually his and Robyn’s nanny who exposes the whole family to COVID. This all occurs after they have a very safe get-together for their youngest daughter, Ariella’s fifth birthday. The whole family gets tested and comes out negative so they can gather as they did for Christmas. Then, three days later, the news breaks that the nanny and her husband are positive. It breaks Robyn’s heart but gives a giggle to Christine and Janelle who have been at the center of Kody’s scrutiny. Unfortunately, not everyone is in the clear.

Kody Brown- The Moral Highground

It has been virtually impossible for viewers to stomach Kody and his behavior during this season. The way he has treated both his wives and his elder children has been head-scratching, to say the least. He has basically alienated Christine and Janelle for the way they are choosing to handle the pandemic. When they went away to take care of important familial obligations, he referred to these travels as “vacations.”

Kody Brown Credit: YouTube

Fans were up in arms when Kody did not attend Ysabel’s scoliosis surgery as he deemed it too risky. Furthermore, he claimed he could not be away from his family for that long. In reality, he just did not want to be away from Robyn and their kids as he referred to her as the obedient wife. He had spent much of the pandemic living in her home because she and her five children obeyed his rules. Meri did the same with the hopes he would want to spend time with her as well.

Kody Brown and Gabriel Brown via YouTube
Kody Brown and Gabriel Brown

He also felt Janelle was giving their sons Garrison and Gabe too much freedom. Garrison was working after finishing up at the National Guard so he could save for a home. She did not want to kick him out while Gabe was in college and had a girlfriend. To Kody, the boys were too social therefore they should be evicted. They tried to speak to their father and get him to understand the family was crumbling but he turned a blind eye. This week proved this to be true as Christine ended their marriage and the entire family was put at risk.

The Browns And COVID

After being exposed by the nanny and her husband, Janelle and Christine had to laugh. Kody Brown preached all these rules and regulations yet it was someone he brought in who was a carrier. They had not been following his rules perfectly but rather the CDC and they were fine. Luckily, everyone tested negative after that debacle, and Robyn felt extremely blessed. It did not last long.

Garrison Buys AZ Home Amid Kody Wanting Him Out [Screenshot | YouTube]
[Screenshot | YouTube]
Towards the end of the episode, Janelle was self-filming and shared both Gabe and Garrison had started to feel very ill. They went and got tested only to find out they were positive. She and her youngest daughter Savanah began to limit exposure yet they had to get tested as well. Janelle admitted she had developed a cough but felt fine otherwise. Kody had ultimately caught the virus though he has not indicated when.

Will Kody go off on Janelle for being irresponsible? How will he handle the news of his boys having the virus? All of this and more may be answered in the Sister Wives one-on-one next Sunday on TLC.


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