‘B&B’ Shocks With Dead Character Resurrection

The Bold and the Beautiful

B&B has shocked fans by resurrecting a recently deceased character. This was something that seemed like it might happen. Yet, it was doubtful it would occur so quickly after the character’s demise. So, who is it and how are they making this happen? Keep reading for more details.

Soap operas are notorious for bringing characters back from the dead. General Hospital did that last month with Steve Burton’s infamous Jason Morgan. Burton was let go in 2021 for not following the network’s vaccine mandate. However, after time went by and his time was up on Days of Our Lives, fans hoped he would return to Port Charles. Sure enough, he did but his character had been killed in a tunnel collapse. Luckily, Jason Morgan was given a whole back story to explain where he had been so it ended up making sense. Such is the case with a recent murder on The Bold and the Beautiful.

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Kimberlin Brown’s character, Sheila Carter was killed in February 2024 but the fans hoped she would be back. Again, with soap operas, the actual character does not have to come back for the actor to return. They can be a long-lost twin or a completely new person with the same face. Though Sheila was despised, Kimberlin was beloved and viewers got their wish when it came out that she was coming back. So, was Sheila really dead? According to Deadline, she was not.

Rather, her Y&R counterpart, Sugar was the one who had been killed off. Kimberlin shared how she felt when she got the news that it was in the works to bring her back:

“I didn’t see this coming, quite honestly.”

She then shared her conversation with B&B head writer, Brad Bell:

“It was. He was very vague. He was like, ‘okay, I’m working on something. I don’t know what it is.’ And I said, okay. Talk about a roller coaster. The only thing I can think of is maybe it’s because of my fans, maybe everyone who was commenting, who made everything go viral. Brad does listen. He does pay attention, and in my opinion, I truly believe that my following and my fans and the people who have loved to hate Sheila all these years are responsible for me coming back.”

Kimberlin is unsure if Brad made a mistake letting her go or if he knew he was going to do this from the beginning but kept it under wraps.

Fans Celebrate

As soon it came out that Kimberlin Brown was back on B&B, fans went crazy. They immediately took to Twitter/X to share their excitement:

This looks like it is going to be for the best and fans are rejoicing in seeing Kimberlin Brown back. She was resurrected and Brad Bell gave viewers exactly what they wanted.

Are you excited that she is back from the dead? More so, did you think Sheila was really gone for good? Let us know and watch The Bold and the Beautiful weekdays on CBS.

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