Will Hallmark Star, ‘B&B’ Alum Kim Matula Return To ‘NCIS’?

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On the Monday NCIS Season 21 premiere entitled “Algún Día,” the episode introduced a new character. This FBI Agent Rose is portrayed by Kim Matula. Not new to CBS, she was a fan-favorite on The Bold And The Beautiful as Hope Logan. However, she is also known for other projects as well. 

Who is this new character in the military procedural drama? Could Kim Matula return to NCIS?


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NCIS Season 21 Premiere Introduces FBI Agent Rose

In the NCIS Season 21 premiere, Nick Torres was fighting to not be convicted of murder. That is because FBI Agent Rose was busy trying to dig up all the information she could get on Torres. Nick was arrested for the murder of Maurice Riva, a man who ruined his family’s life when he was young.

FBI Agent Rose, who is portrayed by Kim Matula, shut down the entire NCIS network. Although superior FBI Agent Colfax was willing to do anything to take down this agent, Agent Rose proved to be more concerned about getting the information correct. Therefore, she gave Agent Jessica Knight insider information that led to the team uncovering the truth.

However, the nail in the coffin turned out to be when Agent Rose bravely stood up to her superior officer. In turn, Colfax fired Rose. But, Rose’s job to get to the truth was not over with. Anonymously, she sent pertinent files to the team to help Nick’s case.

Subsequently, Agent Rose was hired to run the NCIS cyber division. This story is not unlike when FBI Agent Alden Parker was introduced to fans of the series. His job was to take down Leroy Jethro Gibbs. That means he started as an antagonist to the team. Since then, Parker has been a big part of the team. Does this mean Agent Rose will be back?


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Will Kim Matula Be Back On CBS Military Procedural Series?

The Ghosts Of Christmas Always star Kim Matula was a big part of the premiere of NCIS Season 21. Now that Agent Rose is the head of the cyber division, will fans get to see more of her? Currently, the showrunners have not addressed her character and what fans could expect. Moreover, Deadline recently reported that Kim Matula will be portraying Jane Curtain in the upcoming movie SNL 1975.

However, it seems likely that there is a plan for when they plan to bring her back. With someone as versatile and talented as this Hallmark star, it seems likely that they may be working her into the Season 22 plan. It seems that Agent Rose’s impact and talents could really add a lot to this ever-evolving series.

NCIS fans, what did you think of Agent Rose?

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