Janelle Brown Shares Her Grief For Garrison On Special Day

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Sister Wives star Janelle Brown is sharing her grief for her late son, Garrison Brown on a very special day. It has been about two and a half months since he passed away. Though she has kept herself very busy, Janelle’s life has not been the same without her son by her side. So, what did she share? Keep reading for all of the details.

Janelle Brown Shares Her Grief For Garrison On Special Day

Losing Garrison Brown was a devastating blow for the entire Brown family. Janelle Brown had really leaned into being a mother when the family moved from Utah to Las Vegas. There, she was no longer living under one roof with her sister wives and husband, Kody Brown. It was just her and her six children in a cul-de-sac with the three other wives and their children. Things were drastically different but in a very good way plus, as much as she loved to work, she was not in an office from morning until night.

Logan Brown, Gabriel Brown, Savanah Brown, Janelle Brown, Garrison Brown, and Hunter Brown from Hunter's Instagram
Logan Brown, Gabriel Brown, Savanah Brown, Janelle Brown, Garrison Brown, and Hunter Brown-Instagram

When they all moved to Flagstaff, Janelle was working in MLMs and was fiercely protective of her kids. Her sons, Gabriel and Garrison were at home during the pandemic and that was when everyone saw her mama bear come out. Sadly, Garrison struggled until he passed in March 2024. Now, Janelle is sharing her sadness for her late son on a very special day, Mother’s Day. In an Instagram post, she noted it was never a big deal day for her as her kids were always just there for her.


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Janelle Brown explained that she felt pain more so as she was baking a pie this Mother’s Day, strawberry rhubarb. It had to do with the fact that the rhubarb was perfection but no one loved this pie more than Garrison. That was when she could feel her grief really boiling to the surface as this day would truly be unlike the others. She ended her post with: “I love you honey and miss you every day.”

Sharing In The Pain

Sister Wives fans have watched Garrison Brown grow up on television so they feel Janelle Brown’s pain. They want to hold her and make her feel better so the best that they can do is head to the comment section:

  • Im so sorry for the loss of your son Janelle. I hope the pie made you feel a little closer to him, and reminded you of good things too. ❤️
  • Garrison is still giving you a gift. The pie is beautiful Janelle and I have no doubts that he was with you when you found the rhubarb and made this. Even though it’s not tangible, he is with you always. ❤️

Though Garrison is not with Janelle, fans believe he is still with his mother in spirit. Hopefully, that gives her some comfort on these very hard days.

What do you think of how Janelle is honoring Garrison? Do you believe he is a part of that beautiful pie? Let us know in the comments below.

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