‘RHONJ’ Fans Slam Luis Ruelas As ‘Gross’ For Latest Low Blow

Teresa Giudice, Luis Ruelas-Instagram

RHONJ fans are slamming Luis Ruelas as “gross” for his latest low blow against another cast member. Viewers have not taken kindly to Teresa Giudice’s husband since he first came onto the scene. Now, he has reached a new low and fans are just over it. Keep reading for more details.

RHONJ Fans Slam Luis Ruelas As ‘Gross’ For Latest Low Blow

Luis Ruelas has tried to be a calming force in Teresa Giudice’s life but he often feeds into her anger. He stirred up drama in Season 13 of RHONJ by claiming that he had a PI look into all of the cast. More so, he shared that he had dirt on everyone which was scary for everyone to hear. They felt violated and did not understand why Teresa was defending him constantly. Along with that, the preview for this season alludes to Luis blowing all of his wife’s money. More so, she is allegedly always stressed in her marriage but three episodes in, he is having fun being catty with her.

Teresa Giudice, Luis Ruelas-Instagram
Teresa Giudice, Luis Ruelas-Instagram

According to Monsters & Critics, things are clearly not in a great place with Teresa, Luis, and the Fudas. The whole cast is divided which is a recipe for disaster and the truth is, it cannot go on for another season like this. Andy Cohen has stated this before and now, Luis and Teresa are taking jabs at John Fuda’s looks. The couple were talking about the Season 13 reunion when Luis said this:

“I had a second to look at him last night, and he is one ugly motherf***er.”


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That comment did not sit well at all with fans of the show as they felt Luis Ruelas sunk to a new low:

  • These two are the grossest of the gross and lowest of the low. Period
  • All they do is trash other people – ALL THEY DO
  • Luis is nasty looking…. John is far better looking
  • Louie calling John Fuda ugly is comical when he looks like Jimmy Neutron that is electrocuted😂😂😂

Look In The Mirror

Many RHONJ fans asked Teresa Giudice and Luis Ruelas to look in the mirror as they had their own imperfections. Yet, this was not the first time this season that Teresa started up with John Fuda. In the season premiere, she and Jennifer Aydin were talking about his drug history. He then immediately posted a statement on his social media disputing what they had said. Even his wife, Rachel Fuda said that was when he was a teenager and he has worked so hard to become a better version of himself.

What do you think of Teresa and Luis insulting John’s looks like that? Immature behavior or them just being themselves? Let us know and watch RHONJ Sundays on Bravo.

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  1. t & l are nothing but trash. uneducated t is embarrassing. l is a low life scammer who has done nothing but blow the fire up between t And Joey..He is one piece of filthy nasty scum. I LOVE Margaret, she called it & show did the rest if us, who not are not uneducated idiots. FUI, I LOVE the Fudas. poor,por T. Lousy lou is gonna blow up her world, beyond what the 1st guy did!

  2. Luis was the beginning of the end. Throw in the loud mouth blonde and you had a demise from day one. Bloodied just wanted to be heard or is her life that much a mess. Either way if she went and
    Luis you might have a shot?? Or not! Theresa spends all her time defending the hubby! Yuck no class?

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