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Mykelti Padron Builds Fond Christmas Memories With Avalon

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This Christmas season is going to look a little different for Mykelti Padron and her family. First off, her mother Christine has relocated back to Utah so she will be present for all holiday celebrations. This will be extraordinarily helpful as it is Mykelti’s’ first Christmas as a mother. Therefore, it will take on a whole new special meaning while she builds forever memories with baby girl Avalon.

Mykelti Padron- From Daughter To Mama

It was a very big deal when Mykelti started dating Tony Padron. They had not been together all that long when he realized he wanted to propose. It was a lot for patriarch, Kody Brown to maneuver. He was in the process of preparing to give away his other daughter, Maddie. The same summer Maddie was marrying Caleb Brush, Tony asked for Kody and Christine’s blessing to propose.


Kody was hesitant while Christine knew there was nothing they really could do. In the end, the couple wed six months after Maddie. There was some controversy about what exactly Tony did for an income. Initially, he worked in banking but ended up leaving his career. This was a red flag for viewers who did not trust him and only wanted the best for Mykelti. He ultimately started working in video games as she would do home sales like ColorStreet.

Mykelti Brown Padron Instagram
Mykelti Brown Padron Instagram

At the end of summer 2020, the couple shared with their family they were expecting their first child. They had to do it virtually due to the pandemic but everyone was thrilled. By April, Mykelti welcomed Avalon Asa with her mother by her side. She has been consistent to share updates via Instagram. Now that Christine lives close by, she is there for walks, meals, and now for holidays. Being the first Christmas, Mykelti is making sure to optimize the special memories with baby Avalon.

Making Merry Memories

Mykelti initially posted Avalon on her Instagram story. She was being held by Christine as she watched Mickey Mouse mini homes. In them, Mickey and friends would pop out and hum carols. Apparently, the Brown kids grew up with them. Initially, Avalon appeared confused by all the commotion and action. Eventually, she cracked a smile and started to sing along with the characters.

Credit: Mykelti Padron IG
Credit: Mykelti Padron IG

Following that, it was time for Christmas cookies. Mykelti shared Avalon did not necessarily let them finish making the cookies. However, they do have some partly decorated cookies and that is all that matters. So far, she has been able to share the Mickey homes and cookies with her daughter. She is bringing part of her childhood to Avalon’s first Christmas and her mother gets to be a part of it.

Credit: Mykelti Padron IG
Credit: Mykelti Padron IG

This is truly a magical time for them. Her followers were equally as excited: “Love them – Avlon is such a cutie lovely photo of you both. Enjoy your special time together with your family,” one commented. Another added: “What a good Momma you are!!!! Little fingers in the frosting…Memories!!!!” May these moments last a lifetime for Mykelti and Avalon.

Don’t miss Mykelti’s journey to motherhood on Sister Wives every Sunday on TLC.


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