Vanna White Breaks Silence On Ryan Seacrest Conflict Rumors

Vanna White and Ryan Seacrest - YouTube

Recently, there has been talk about Wheel Of Fortune‘s new host, Ryan Seacrest, and veteran assistant, Vanna White, struggling during filming. While it is expected that anyone following in Pat Sajak’s footsteps will experience growing pains, this seems to be more. However, Vanna breaks her silence on the conflict rumors.

Growing Pains

Undeniably, Wheel Of Fortune is going through a huge transition. Reportedly, while Vanna White is expecting things to be a little rocky, there have been moments she questions if she should have retired with Pat Sajak. Since Pat’s leaving, it seems like there has been some division between the new host, Ryan Seacrest, and the longtime letter-turning queen, Vanna. Without a doubt, the growing pains of training a new host, after the tried and true work of having the same host for more than forty years, has to be grueling. However, Vanna sends a message as the rumors swirl about their behind-the-scenes beef.

Vanna White & Ryan Seacrest, Live
Vanna White & Ryan Seacrest, Live With Kelly And Mark

Vanna White Breaks Silence On Ryan Seacrest Conflict Rumors

On July 9, Vanna White posted a photo of her and Ryan Seacrest breaking bread together. She captions: “Friends on and off camera. Enjoying one of our favorites, Chicken and Dumplings!” In the photo, they both lean toward each other and smile for the camera while holding spoonfuls of chicken and dumplings. Amid all the rumors of work conflict, the two seem to be finding common ground by sharing a meal. Seemingly, this is Vanna’s way of showing there is peace between them as she clarifies their “on and off camera” friendship. Both Vanna and Ryan are filming their first season together for the fall. Furthermore, time will tell how the new duo works together on the Wheel Of Fortune stage.

Vanna White breaks silence on suspected conflict with Ryan Seacrest. - Instagram
Vanna White breaks the silence on the suspected conflict with Ryan Seacrest. – Instagram

Fans Aren’t Sure About Vanna White’s Statements

However, after Vanna White posted the photo, not everyone was convinced by her statement. Several Wheel Of Fortune fans left comments.

  • “There’s no f-in way Vanna can stand Ryan. He’s a massive phony.”
  • “I don’t think i can believe anything I read in the news anymore!!! Last week I read that they can’t stand each other, and she is thinking about retiring because she doesn’t like how Ryan does the show. They look happy here.”
  • “Very disappointed that Wheel of Fortune chose Ryan Sescrest as Pat’s replacement. There is plenty talent to choose from. Even an unknown would have been better.”
  • But one fan thinks Vanna White and Ryan Seacrest need to go. “I will not be watching wheel of Fortune ever again – I absolutely cannot stand fakey Ryan Seacrest, and it’s absolutely time for Vanna to retire.”
  • “I have a gut feeling that he will be unkind to Vanna and push her out. He’s sketchy.”
Vanna White and Ryan Seacrest - YouTube/Wheel Of Fortune (1)
Vanna White and Ryan Seacrest “Bootcamp” – Wheel Of Fortune

What do you think about Vanna White’s message clarifying they are friends on and off the stage? Do you think they are gelling as co-hosts? Are you planning to watch the new episodes of Wheel Of Fortune? Send us your thoughts in the comments below.


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