‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Fans Understand Hatred Toward Ryan Seacrest

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Wheel of Fortune fans are starting to understand why there is so much hatred toward new host, Ryan Seacrest. He has taken over for Pat Sajak, who filmed his final episode in April 2024 which aired in June 2024. Fans are not thrilled about the Ryan takeover and there may be a good reason why. Keep reading for more details on the situation.

Wheel Of Fortune Fans Understand Hatred Toward Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest is currently working with Vanna White as his season of Wheel of Fortune will begin airing in September. They are doing promos to get fans and viewers amped but it is not working. Of course, there are the diehard followers who are thrilled to have the show still around. More so, as much as they will miss Pat Sajak, they are willing to give Ryan a fair chance and see what he brings to the table. Then, there are those who are done with the show for good.

Ryan Seacrest and Vanna White from Wheel of Fortune
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Recently, a Reddit thread was started. One fan asked people to give Ryan a break and stop being so harsh on him. This came after the latest promo dropped of Ryan working overtime to prepare to take over the hit game show. The comments were awful and it seemed like he could not win no matter what he did. Ultimately, the OP of the thread wrote this:

  • Seriously, ever since Pat Sajak announced his retirement and Ryan Seacrest (who, mind you, worked for Merv Griffin before on a short-lived game show, Click) was announced as his successor, there’s been nothing but negative everywhere!

The truth is, some fans would have preferred someone other than Ryan to host but that did not happen. Therefore, they are going to have to wait and see how he performs. Yet, is there another reason why people have such hatred toward him?

  • Most of the hate comes from Ryan being everywhere inheriting another notable role.
  • I agree, Ryan seems to be everywhere. It would have been nice to have an “unknown” inherit the roll
  • The human equivalent to AI.

It Could All Work Out

Wheel of Fortune fans are worried that Ryan Seacrest is overexposed. Yet, someone noted that Dick Clark was all over the place and he was beloved by millions. There is also the point being made that Jeopardy! fans were terrified when Ken Jennings took over for Alex Trebek. They did not initially care for him and it has taken several years to warm up. Now, some like him as much if not more than the late Trebek. So, hopefully, Wheel viewers will hang on for the ride and see what Ryan and Vanna White are capable of together.

Are you excited to watch Ryan or do you agree that he has his hands in too many pots? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. There is an expiration date for everything! My time for watching Wheel of Fortune since it began is finished!

  2. Seacrest is a face…He cannot think on his feet and says and does the dumbest things…I have never liked him anywhere.

  3. Why is CBS jamming Ryan Seacrest down everyone’s throat ! There goes a really great show down the Tube’s ! Great job CBS, just awesome

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