‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Note How Ken Jennings Pays Respect To Alex Trebek

Ken Jennings-YouTube

Jeopardy! fans have taken note of how current host, Ken Jennings pays respect to the late Alex Trebek. He passed away in 2020 and Ken eventually took over along with Mayim Bialik. Now, a discussion about Ken has been started and it seems that some of his attitude may be linked to the late host. Keep reading for more details.

Jeopardy! Fans Note How Ken Jennings Pays Respect To Alex Trebek

Ken Jennings took over for Alex Trebek as the host of Jeopardy! after Trebek passed away in 2020. The search went on for some time and it was not easy to pick the right person. Yet, Ken had the experience as a show champ but he did not get the gig solo. He was teamed up with actress and neuroscientist, Mayim Bialik, and the two would alternate. However, when the 2023 writer and SAG-AFTRA strikes happened, she took a leave and was eventually let go. More so, production realized that they only needed one host and Ken was that person.

Ken Jennings-YouTube
Ken Jennings-YouTube

At the same time, viewers have noticed he can be snarky and sometimes show off how smart he is. After all, he is a show champion so he does have a wealth of knowledge. Recently, a Reddit thread was started to discuss what people thought about him. Did Jeopardy! fans like Ken, were they indifferent to him? The OP felt he was nice and fun but felt that he could be rude yet they gave a possible reason:

  • Hes a smart guy, there’s no denying that, however i feel like his intelligence shows as the host, and when a contestant responds wrongly he gives them a look, like “how did you not know that?

However, others thought that his sassy snark could mean something else:

  • He’s sassy, but so was Trebek.
  • yeah it almost feels like an intentional homage to Trebek when Ken does it so I don’t mind
  • I don’t watch often but I love Ken and think he does a great job!
  • Love Ken More than trebek. And I loved trebek
  • I think people misread Ken.

Remembering Alex

It appears that many really do love Ken Jennings yet they like him even more because he pays homage to Alex Trebek. Those were tremendous shoes to fill yet Ken does it splendidly. Recently, he announced that there would be a FOREVER stamp in Trebek’s honor. Though some fans were thrilled, others felt it lacked the proper tribute the late host deserved. Luckily, Ken is doing his best to keep Trebek’s memory alive, whether he means to or not.

Do you think that Ken Jennings uses his snark as a way to honor and remember Alex Trebek or are fans overthinking it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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