‘Jeopardy!’ Alex Trebek Fans Irate Over ‘Most Boring Stamp In History’

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Alex Trebek fans are irate over the late Jeopardy! host getting the “most boring stamp in history.” It was just revealed that he would be getting a Forever stamp which is now available for pre-order. Unfortunately, diehard fans are not as enthusiastic about the design and they are sharing this. Keep reading for more details.

Jeopardy! Alex Trebek Fans Irate Over ‘Most Boring Stamp In History’

Nearly four years ago, the game show world lost Alex Trebek. It was a heartbreaking time and Jeopardy! would never be the same. They did a hosting search and tried out as many potentials as they could. In the end, Ken Jennings landed a spot. Then, Mayim Bialik was added as a co-host and they would tag team the Tournaments and Celebrity Jeopardy! Of course, comparisons were made to Alex but eventually, Mayim was let go and Ken remained the main host.

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Viewers seem to like Ken enough but no one can ever be Alex and that is already a well-known fact. Then, Ken took to the Jeopardy! Instagram to share that Alex had gotten his own forever stamp. Some fans were thrilled though they admitted they do not use stamps anymore. Yet, they would start because of Alex’s which will be released on July 22nd, 2024.

  • I don’t even collect stamps and I’m preordering these 😭
  • I have NEVER been so excited to go to the Post Office! 😂
  • Oh my god. I love this so much. He 100% deserves this honor. We all miss Alex.


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At the same time, there were many diehard Jeopardy! fans who felt that what Alex Trebek got was lackluster. According to The Sun, they were irate at his poor tribute:

  • Okay, it’s great Alex Trebek is being honored with a stamp, but it’s got to be one of the most boring stamps in US Postal History
  • Alex only appears on the pane, with the actual stamp being a Jeopardy!-style clue about him. This seems more like a stamp commemorating the Jeopardy! 60th Anniversary than Alex himself

More About Alex

Those who did not like the design felt that it was more about Jeopardy! and less about Alex Trebek. Though the two are synonymous, this is supposed to be a tribute to Alex. Therefore, they felt he should be featured on the stamp so everyone would know it was solely about him. At the end of the day, many are just happy that there is something in his honor, and will be buying these stamps. However, maybe the USPS will listen to the fans and release another batch with their suggestions in mind.

What do you think of the new stamp? Does it do him justice or not worth the fuss? Let us know in the comments below.

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