‘Jeopardy!’ Viewers Criticize Season Changes & Tournaments

Ken Jennings - Jeopardy!

Undeniably, the current season of Jeopardy! has come with some surprises. While some people find them fun and witty, others are criticizing the producers’ choices. Without a doubt, some of the viewers think the show is heading in the wrong direction with some of its changes. Likewise, many believe the perpetual need for new tournaments is a misstep.

Change, Change, Change

Currently, viewers are reflecting on the run of Season 40 of Jeopardy! As it is on its final leg, fans are noting some alterations they think flopped this year. The season will wrap up at the end of July 2024. One area that viewers are bashing is the new introduction of Gen Z slang to the clues. Undoubtedly, the producers are trying to stay on top of changing times, but many fans find it ridiculous that this is the direction they are going. Some think they need to leave the appeal to the younger audience for the new spinoff series, Pop Culture Jeopardy!

Ken Jennings - Jeopardy!
Ken Jennings – Jeopardy!

Some fans were quick to weigh in on one example of this abomination:

  • “Just saw skibidi toilet mentioned during Jeopardy, day ruined,” someone writes on X.
  • “Where were you when Ken Jennings had to say Fanum tax and Skibidi live on TV In the Jeopardy masters,” another viewer smirks.
  • “Lord save us Jeopardy has now had a Skibidi Toilet clue,” another person notes.

Jeopardy! Viewers Criticize Season Changes

But that isn’t the only change viewers are baffled by. Notably, during Season 40, the players were required to state the entire category name with each answer. While that may have seemed like a good rule to enforce, fans are talking about how it throws off the flow of the game since the competitors spend time and energy enunciating the category each time.

  • One fan criticizes, “If you’re going to make them slog through the entire category name every time, #Jeopardy, keep it to maybe three words tops.”
  • “The producers forcing contestants to say ‘During Lou Gehrig’s Consecutive Game Streak’ every time is ridiculous,” another announces.
  • “Same, I’m beyond sick of this rule.”
Ken Jennings - YouTube
Ken Jennings – Jeopardy!

A Jeopardy! Contestant Gives Insight

But one Jeopardy! contestant confirms this change was to benefit viewers.

  • “As part of a change to the new season, and this is for the benefit of the audience moreso – they need us, or prefer us, to say the whole category every time.” Further adding, “I would imagine for new contestants it would probably trip them up, and I would be afraid it would lead to some clues being left on the board.”
Contestants | YouTube
Jeopardy contestants | YouTube

However, executive producer Michael Davies said on the show’s podcast in the spring after the trial run, “I don’t think we’ve made a perfect change. We had briefed the contestants to give full names of categories.” Clarifying they know it was a mistake, he adds, “We’ve obviously gone back. If it’s a 12-word category, we’re not asking you to repeat all 12 words.” Likewise, fans express they are tired of the “endless” tournaments.

Fans Are Tiring Of Tournaments

Without a doubt, the scheduling for Jeopardy! Season 40 is coming under fire. While viewers appreciate some tournaments, many believe there was an absurd amount this season. Notably, some of the tournaments came after the unusual WGA strike, leading producers to adopt a format of a sport-like model. Several months of the season were occupied by Second Chances and Champions Wildcards tournaments. Then, later in the season, producers opted for another round of Second Chance and Wildcard events before offering the 2024 Tournament of Champions. Adding to the outpour of tournaments was the Invitational Tournament and then the Jeopardy! Masters in primetime. But fans seem to miss the traditional play from the introduction of new players.

Many viewers criticize Jeopardy! for too many tournaments in Season 40.
Many viewers criticize Jeopardy! for too many tournaments in Season 40.

Jeopardy! Fans Give Their Thoughts On Tournaments

On social media, Jeopardy! fans state their thoughts about perpetual tournaments.

  • “How many da*n second chances are we giving? #jeopardy This is getting old.”
  • “How long is this nonsense going to go on? No gimmicks. No tricks. Just regular old Jeopardy!, ’til 26.”
  • “I would like to see new contestants trying to start their own new streaks.”
  • “It was fun at first but now I’m annoyed. I don’t think a normal episode has aired this season.”

Season 41 Alterations

While changes are the annoyance, Jeopardy! is listening to the consensus that some of their decisions were in error. Producers are moving forward with no tournaments until 2025. An insider states, “All of the remaining of 2024 of syndicated Jeopardy!, you are watching regular games.” Specifically, non-tournament Jeopardy! will continue when the new season starts. Then, in 2025, fans will see some tournaments return, but not the full barrage they were flooded with this season.  Furthermore, they are changing the offering of consolation prizes to $3,000 and $2,000, in hopes of getting more diverse contestants.

What do you think about the changes and tournaments that Jeopardy! introduced in Season 40? Do you think their plan for Season 41 sounds better? Drop your comments below.

Bonnie Kaiser-Gambill

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  1. i would like to see them go back to regular Jeopardy and no clues given before the show. These contestants seem to know more than the normal person would. Tournaments are great if it was only for the top 3 players. And one each year. Some of the slang words are fine but Gen X language shouldn’t be on regular Jeopardy. What happen to regular trivia questions and answers like when Alex Trebbeck was hosting? I don’t like this format and the contestants are falling behind. Only those with good memories are getting ahead. What happen to the normal person those that don’t know every category? I would like to see normal people with normal mentality winning.

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