‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Vanna White Has Doubts, Should Have Left With Pat?

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Does Wheel of Fortune co-host, Vanna White have doubts about staying and wishes she had exited with Pat Sajak? He announced that he would be returning in June 2024 which has now come and gone. Yet, Vanna opted to stick around through 2026. Is she now regretting that decision? Keep reading for more details on what is going through Vanna’s mind.

Wheel Of Fortune Vanna White Has Doubts, Should Have Left With Pat?

When Pat Sajak announced that he was doing just one more season and then retiring, Wheel of Fortune fans wondered what meant for Vanna White. She has been his sidekick for most of his hosting run. Therefore, it seemed that they would come and go together. However, questions arose if Vanna may take over for Pat as the new host. Or, if she may leave, a new host would be named, and Pat’s daughter, Maggie Sajak would take over for Vanna. There were many options but Vanna had worked immensely hard on her new contract. Ultimately, the one she signed carried her through 2026.

Vanna White, Pat Sajak-YouTube
Vanna White, Pat Sajak-YouTube

Ryan Seacrest was named Pat’s replacement and not everyone was thrilled. There were other options that viewers felt would be better to host. Recently, some promos featuring Vanna and Ryan have been released and fans are not happy with them. More so, some people have said they will no longer watch the show. Now, according to Daily Express US, Vanna may be having second thoughts about staying on the show. As of now, it seems she does not click with Ryan as she had hoped.


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Per an insider, Vanna White had this to say about her new co-host:

“Vanna isn’t a huge fan of Ryan so far. It’s not that she doesn’t like him, but her chemistry with Pat Sajak was much more natural. With Ryan, it feels forced, and she doesn’t want loyal viewers and her longtime fans to pick up on that.”

So, Vanna is more worried about the show’s following than anything else. The insider also went on to add this:

“Now she’s starting to think she may have made a mistake by staying. Hopefully, she and Ryan will end up having a great rapport and this will all blow over.”

Her doubts could be attributed to the negative feedback their promos have been getting. However, this could all change once their episodes actually start airing in Septemeber 2024.

Tremendous Backlash

In his last few seasons, Pat Sajak seemed to get testy and rude with contestants. That made viewers at home suggest it was time for him to exit Wheel of Fortune. Yet, when it was time for him to leave, fans were really sad and realized that there was no one quite like him. Now that Ryan Seacrest is taking over, the comments about him taking over have been awful:

  • What a poor choice!
  • Is he the only person available for these assignments?
  • Vanna doesn’t jibe with Ryan Seacrest 😳

Allegedly, Vanna White is ready to retire as soon as her contract ends, though she wishes she could leave sooner. For now, she will be the one constant for diehard Wheel fans. Do you understand Vanna’s frustration? More so, are you grateful she’s at least sticking around? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I’m a longtime fan of WofF, not so of Ryan Seacrest. I probably won’t watch. He’s a showboat who will focus on himself.

  2. I think they should have left together. They came as a team and they should have left as a team.

  3. I’ve always had the feeling Ryan pushed to make things happen, never has he seemed real or down to earth.. Poor Vanna is exactly the opposite. She now will be in a world of fakeness, poor Vanna

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