When Is Ryan Seacrest’s First ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Episode?

Wheel Of Fortune host Ryan Seacrest - YouTube/The Kelly Clarkson Show

Ryan Seacrest is officially at the helm of Wheel Of Fortune. While fans are sad to see long-time host Pat Sajak leave, many are eager to see how Ryan stacks up. Pat has hung up his hosting cap, but when will the first episode of Wheel with Ryan Seacrest air? Here is what you need to know.

When Will Ryan Seacrest Be On Wheel Of Fortune?

Pat Sajak’s final episode aired on June 7. It was an emotional goodbye for the Wheel Of Fortune crew. Shortly after the last episode aired, the show shared a clip of Pat officially handing over the reins to Ryan Seacrest.

Long-time viewers are understandably skeptical about how Ryan Seacrest will perform in the new role.

Ryan Seacrest - YouTube/Wheel Of Fortune
Ryan Seacrest, Wheel of Fortune | YouTube

The day after Pat’s final episode aired, Ryan shared his thoughts on social media. He wrote, “Your dedication, charm, and wit have made the show a beloved part of American television for decades. Your partnership with Vanna has been nothing short of iconic, and together, you’ve created countless wonderful memories for viewers. You’ve set the standard for hosts everywhere.”

When it comes to when fans will first see Ryan on the game show, he will make his debut at the start of Season 42. Right now, the official air date has not been announced. However, the new season of Wheel Of Fortune typically airs in early September. So, fans can expect to see him on WOF in September 2024.

Ryan & Vanna White Don’t Have Chemistry

Former Wheel Of Fortune host Pat Sajak first announced his retirement from the show in June 2023. He served as host on the game show for more than 40 years. Fans were saddened to hear that he was leaving, but many people wondered who would take his spot.

When it was revealed that Ryan Seacrest would be the new host, many people had mixed feelings. Of course, Ryan has a plethora of hosting experience. He has been on American Idol since its inception. He was also the other half of Live with Kelly Ripa for several years.  For a long time, Ryan’s schedule didn’t permit him to commit to a big role like hosting Wheel Of Fortune. 

That said, many people don’t feel like he is going to be a good fit. Fans have suggested other possibilities, including Pat Sajak’s daughter Maggie, to take his place.

Vanna White and Ryan Seacrest - YouTube/Wheel Of Fortune
YouTube/Wheel Of Fortune

Additionally, a source close to Wheel Of Fortune told The Daily Mail that Ryan and Vanna White don’t have the same chemistry on set. “She just doesn’t jibe with Ryan like she did with Pat,” the source shared. “She knows that the show needs to go in a different direction and appeal to a younger demographic. She wants the show to continue. This will require a younger female host, someone who can be to Ryan what she was to Pat.”

Vanna White has signed another contract that goes through 2026. So, she has no immediate plans of leaving, but it is expected that the game show will seek to replace her soon too.

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  1. I thought that Pat Sajak was an idiot with no sense of humor…I never understood how he kept his job, and I am so glad that he is out. I can’t wait for Seacrest to start…maybe then I will watch the show!

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