‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Fans Say Ryan Seacrest Is ‘Not The Guy’

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The world is only a few months away from Ryan Seacrest starting a new era for Wheel of Fortune. However, while Pat Sajak gave his blessing and Vanna White is sticking around, there are still fans who don’t think that Ryan is the right guy for the job. Many don’t think he will stick around.

Here is why some fans feel Ryan Seacrest is not the right man for the job on Wheel of Fortune.

Fans Claim Ryan Seacrest Isn’t A Long-Term Wheel Of Fortune Option

Wheel of Fortune wants to get fans excited about the new era of the show. The game show posted a fun Instagram post that showed Pat Sajak and Vanna White welcoming Ryan Seacrest to the show. The caption read, “Get ready for MORE cash, MORE prizes, and a whole lot of NEW fun! Who’s ready for a new season of Wheel?!”

Ryan Seacrest - YouTube/Wheel Of Fortune
Ryan Seacrest, Wheel of Fortune | YouTube

While this was an attempt to get fans excited about the new era coming to the game show, many fans reacted negatively. They aimed most of their disapproval at Ryan Seacrest himself.

  • “It was a good run watching Wheel, but I’m out with Seacrest in.”
  • “Anyone but Seacrest. Destroyed an iconic show with one horrible decision”
  • “I just don’t see Ryan going this for 30-40 years. He has hosted others things and moves on.”

However, there were others who believe in giving Ryan a chance.

  • “I am an avid wheel watcher so I will definitely be watching. I believe in giving people the benefit of the doubt”
  • “As a former contestant and die hard fan of the show, I’m very excited about the upcoming season… Ryan is extremely capable and a great guy.”
  • “My husband and I watch religiously. We will miss Pat tremendously! We are eager to see how Ryan adapts and steps into his new role. “

Ryan Seacrest Talks New Wheel Of Fortune Role

Ryan Seacrest mentioned how when he first showed up to work on television, he visited the set of Wheel of Fortune. He calls this job a dream job and looks forward to continuing the success that Pat Sajak built for the last four decades.


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“I’m so excited,” Seacrest said (via ABC News). “I’ve been watching it for so many years, like so many people here in this country.” He said that Pat and Vanna have both given him advice and that they said the best part of the show is the contestants winning. However, while Ryan is excited to watch people win money, it seems many fans aren’t excited about watching him.

Are you excited to see Ryan Seacrest take over on Wheel of Fortune? Do you think he will be a long-term replacement? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Wheel/Pat/Vanna was an institution…. It’s over. Now the slow demise. A succession of new hosts, and new gimmicks to follow. It will be gone from prime time within two seasons. If it lasts that long.

  2. Wheel of fortune made a huge mistake picking Ryan Seacrest. Watching Pat and Vanna for most of my life was like spending time with friends. Ryan Seacrest is so fake. My family will no longer watch if he is the host. Why not have Vanna and Maggie instead?

  3. Vanna should run the show with Maggie at the letter board. That brings both continuity and youth!

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