First Peek At Ryan Seacrest Taking Over ‘Wheel Of Fortune’

Ryan Seacrest - YouTube/Wheel Of Fortune

Pat Sajak officially retired from his seat at the helm of one of the most popular game shows on television on June 7. A video showing the handoff from Pat to the new host, Ryan Seacrest, has surfaced and Wheel Of Fortune fans are already missing the long-time host. Continue ready to see the first peek at Ryan taking over on Wheel and find out what fans have to say about it.

Pat Sajak Steps Aside To Welcome Ryan Seacrest

A new promo video showing Pat Sajak handing over the hosting position to Ryan Seacrest has been quietly airing on local TV stations this week. Yesterday the official Wheel Of Fortune YouTube channel shared the handoff clip, sharing details about the upcoming new season in the fall.

The clip shows Ryan on the set of Wheel. He is joined by Pat Sajak and Vanna White. “Well, this is it, Ryan. What do you think?” Sajak asked as he gestured around at the infamous game show set.

Ryan replied that it was “Impressive.” Then Vanna jumped in assuring the American Idol host that she thought that the fans would love him.

Pat Sajak - YouTube/Wheel Of Fortune
YouTube/Wheel Of Fortune

“I think what you’re going to enjoy most is meeting the players and getting to know the audience at home,” Pat told Ryan. “It’s such a part of people’s lives,” the new host replied.

Agreeing with him, Pat nodded at Vanna and said, “People love this show.” To which Ryan responded, “You both make it look so easy.”

Pat Sajak finished his part by telling Ryan that he’d never find a better job than being the host of Wheel Of Fortune. Then he stepped aside for the camera to focus on the new Wheel duo, Vanna White and Ryan Seacrest.

Wheel Of Fortune Fans Say Goodbye To Pat

After the official Wheel Of Fortune YouTube channel shared the handoff clip, fans flocked to the comments to share their thoughts about the upcoming hosting change. Of course, many people are sad to see Pat Sajak go after hosting for more than four decades. However, many are also eager to welcome Ryan with open arms.

“It is sad to see Pat go, I have watched him for years and he is an integral and iconic part of what makes this show so special,” one fan wrote. “But I wish Ryan the best of luck and I hope he keeps the show going great.”

Vanna White and Ryan Seacrest - YouTube/Wheel Of Fortune
YouTube/Wheel Of Fortune

Another viewer commented, “Welcome to Wheel of Fortune Ryan. Pat, we’ll miss you. Thank you for being an amazing host and for making our childhoods so much fun.” A third person thanked Pat for teaching them their letters in preschool, claiming that Wheel Of Fortune helped them learn.

Overall, everyone agreed that it was a nice way to complete Pat’s time on the game show and welcome in the new era.

Take a look at the emotional moment where Pat Sajak passes the torch to the new Wheel Of Fortune host below.

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