Vanna White ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Future In Doubt

Vanna White on Wheel of Fortune | YouTube

Vanna White just said goodbye to Pat Sajak after their finalĀ Wheel of Fortune game together. Pat’s final day to host the show was Friday, and Vanna had the chance to say goodbye on Thursday. However, Vanna isn’t leaving the show and will return to work with Ryan Seacrest next season. However, her future is not guaranteed.

Here is what needs to happen for Vanna to remain with the show into the future.

Vanna White Has To Prove Something OnĀ Wheel Of Fortune

Vanna White said she chose to remain on Wheel of Fortune after Pat Sajak’s retirement because she still loves her work. She will be back with Ryan Seacrest next season, and fans will still see her turning over letters on every episode. However, what happens after next season depends on one thing.

Vanna White-YouTube
Vanna White-YouTube

A source said that Vanna, 66, needs to prove her chemistry with Ryan Seacrest when they start up again this fall (via U.S. Sun). She has worked with Pat Sajak since 1982, and the two have a great chemistry that makes it easy to watch every week.

However, the chemistry between Ryan Seacrest and Vanna White should already be coming into effect. Wheel of Fortune is not filmed live or even close to when it airs. Seacrest and White have been taping episodes for this fall already, with them taping the first episodes already and the rest of the fall season being taped over the summer months.

Vanna White only signed a new two-year contract extension. Her first episodes start off in Season 42, which should premiere sometime in September. Vanna White will be with the show for at least two seasons. However, anything after that depends on whether she and Ryan have a good partnership.

Vanna White Will Only Resign With Wheel Of Fortune After Working With Ryan Seacrest

The source also said that Vanna White will only sign a new deal with Wheel of Fortune for longer than the two seasons on her current contract after she experiences working with Ryan Seacrest. She will only stay on if she hits it off with the new host.

Vanna White & Ryan Seacrest, Live
Vanna White & Ryan Seacrest, Live

“If she and Ryan have a good time together and things work out, I am sure Vanna will re-up to stay on the show even longer,” the source said. They also said this falls on the production side as well when it comes to who will stay and who could leave. The ratings will also play a role in any future decisions.

Do you think Ryan Seacrest and Vanna White will show the chemistry to steadily keep Wheel of Fortune rolling along? Do you think Vanna will stick around much longer? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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