‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Pat Sajak ‘Robs’ Players In Final Episode

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Pat Sajak hosted his final episode of Wheel of Fortune on Friday, June 7. The episode had a lot planned. Vanna White gave her touching goodbye to Pat on Thursday’s episode, and Friday was time for Pat to say goodbye to the fans. This meant a jam-packed finale.

Pat said that there was a lot to take care of, including time for him to say goodbye at the end. As a result, Pat had to speed things up, which he said meant he had to “rob” the contestants of time during the episode.

Pat Sajak ‘Robs’ Wheel Of Fortune Players

Pat Sajak said that most people knew this was his final episode. This means that they needed time at the end of the episode for him to say a few words to the fans as he said goodbye. This caused one change to the game, which Pat agreed “robbed” the players who were playing.

Pat Sajak - Wheel Of Fortune
Pat Sajak – Wheel Of Fortune

“We’re going to cut out a round, which kind of robs you people,'” Pat said to the contestants.  He said that he made a decision on his own. “It’s been a long time since I spun the wheel. I’m going to spin it, and I’m going to add $1,000 to whatever I land on, and everyone’s going to get that amount.”

The wheel then landed on $1,000, meaning every contestant got $2,000 in prize money. Pat then said, “You know what? It’s not my money. Let’s give them all $5,000.” Pat robbed the players of one round of gameplay, but he then gave them all $5,000 as prize money for appearing in his final Wheel of Fortune episode.

This then led to announcer Jim Thornton thanking Pat for the last 13 years he spent as an announcer, “keeping me on my toes.” Sajak then thanked Jim for his service to the show.

Pat Sajak Gives Emotional Goodbye On Wheel Of Fortune

Pat Sajak then gave his goodbye in a heartfelt speech at the end of Wheel of Fortune. He had a lot of people he wanted to thank, which explains why he needed to eliminate one round of gameplay. He started by thanking all the show’s fans.

Pat then thanked the people who helped make the show. He said the show was always a place for fun, with “No social issues, no politics, nothing embarrassing, I hope, just a game.” He thanked Vanna White, calling her “as sweet and unassuming as she seems.”

Pat also said he loved working with his daughter, Maggie Sajak, on the show as he watched her “grow in her role and as a person.” He then took a moment to thank his wife, saying, “She’s been my wife and life partner for 35 years. I love her for who she is and what we are as a team.”

Pat then said that fans haven’t seen the last of him because there will be Wheel of Fortune reruns all summer. He invited everyone to rewatch those episodes, get a few more laughs along the way, and be ready for next season when Vanna White will be back for a new season.

What did you think of Pat Sajak’s final episode of Wheel of Fortune? Was it nice of Pat and the show to reward the contestants after “robbing” them of a round of gameplay? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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