‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Vanna White’s Exit Looming?

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Is Wheel of Fortune letter-turner, Vanna White’s exit looming despite signing a contract through 2026? Her future was uncertain for some time due to contract negotiations. It was also up in the air when Pat Sajak announced Season 41 would be his last. So, how is she feeling now that Pat has filmed his final episode and is she ready to move on? Keep reading for more details.

Wheel Of Fortune Vanna White’s Exit Looming?

Vanna White has been by Pat Sajak’s side almost his entire Wheel of Fortune run. So, when he announced that he was leaving after Season 41 in June 2024, it was questionable if she would stick around. She had some contract issues as she had not gotten a raise in a very long time. More so, she was making a fraction of what Pat was so she wanted to be on equal footing. Could the show meet her demands or were they going to lose her, as well? It almost seemed to make sense to have both Pat and Vanna leave at the same time and bring in new blood.

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Ryan Seacrest was named as Pat’s successor whereas Vanna would be staying on for two more seasons. This is reassuring for faithful viewers who need stability with Pat gone. At the same time, some felt Maggie Sajak should possibly be the one to take over Vanna’s job and bring in all new blood. Now, according to The Sun, Vanna had contemplated making an exit. It seems that, as soon as she learned that Pat was saying goodbye, she thought that maybe it was her time, too.


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Then, Vanna White saw that it was not her time and she still wanted to stick around Wheel of Fortune for a little longer. That means two more years but after that, she has no idea how she will feel and if she will extend her contract. At the same time, Vanna is so thankful for how she feels about her position:

“I thank God after all these years that I still love my job.”

The Time Has Come

June 7th, 2024 will be Pat Sajak’s final episode of Wheel of Fortune. For Vanna White, this is still hard for her to comprehend that he will be gone but she is thrilled for him all the same:

“I feel happy for him. I can’t imagine doing the show without him after 41 years. I sum it up as [like] reading a good book. It always has to end. This has been the best book I’ve ever read.”

Ryan Seacrest is set to take the stage in September 2024 alongside Vanna. Though some fans are nervous and maybe not as excited, he has the experience. Hopefully, Vanna will make the most out of the transition and the next two years. Then, if she leaves, she will leave behind an amazing legacy.

Do you think that Vanna should have left with Pat or are you happy she is sticking around? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. It must be nice to make the money she makes just by touching letter to turn, I can’t believe they pa hose people get when other people are strugglin* to make a living just down right crazy, hey don’t really need to make the Monet they do bc they r never happy and just want more that’s why the economy is so out of wack. Even some news people don5 even work as hard as people that work hard for a paycheck. It just makes me so upset to see how they flaunt the money they make just so sad, really they need to help the homeless or even help senior citizens.

  2. only my opinion, but I don’t think the new person is the best thing for show!!!!!. I will miss the both of them, the team to beat!!!!

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