Ryan Seacrest Talks ‘End Of Era’ For ‘Wheel Of Fortune’

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Ryan Seacrest will take over as the Wheel of Fortune host this fall. He is already taping episodes for the season and will continue throughout the summer. However, he took some time to pay honor to Pat Sajak after he hosted his final episode of the show on Friday, calling it the “end of an era.”

Here is what Ryan had to say about Pat Sajak, the “end of an era,” and the future of Wheel of Fortune.

Ryan Seacrest Says Goodbye To Pat Sajak

On Instagram, Ryan Seacrest posted a photo of him standing by the wheel with Pat Sajak and Vanna White. In the caption, he posted a nice tribute to Pat and talked about how bittersweet it was as the end of an era for Wheel of Fortune.

Ryan Seacrest-YouTube
Ryan Seacrest-YouTube

Ryan offered his congratulations to Pat Sajak on his “incredible run” on Wheel of Fortune. He talked about Pat’s “dedication, charm, and wit” that have made the show “a beloved part of American television for decades.” He also said that Pat’s partnership with Vanna White was “nothing short of iconic.”

“You’ve set the standard for hosts everywhere, and this marks the end of an era,” Ryan wrote. He concluded by offering the best wishes to Pat and all his future endeavors.

Throughout the summer, Wheel of Fortune fans will see reruns with Pat Sajak as the host one last time. Then, in the fall, Ryan Seacrest and Vanna White start working together on TV. The two have already taped the first episodes for this fall, and they will continue throughout the summer.

Fans took to the comments to chime in on Ryan’s words:

  • “best executive decision choosing Ryan as Pat’s replacement. Can’t wait to see him & Vanna become wheel buddies!”
  • “Pat has been so fun to watch and seems like such a cool guy. He deserves to enjoy some free time. You will be amazing taking over, no doubt.”
  • “Congrats on an incredible journey, Pat! Can’t wait to tune in and watch you, Ryan!!!”

Ryan Seacrest & Vanna White Already Taping Fall Season

While fans won’t see Ryan Seacrest on Wheel of Fortune until this fall, he and Vanna White have already taped the first episodes of the new upcoming season. The way game shows work is to tape shows far in advance and then have them all put together for the upcoming seasons.


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The new season should begin in September. Vanna White signed a new two-year extension, and her future will depend on her chemistry with Ryan in these next two seasons.

What are your thoughts on Ryan Seacrest taking over for Pat Sajak? Do you think Wheel of Fortune will remain entertaining? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I would’ve picked Bob Goen, who hosted a daytime Wheel from 1989-91 and hosts Wheel of Fortune Live along with Mark L Wahlberg. Both he and Wahlberg would be better than Seacrest.

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