‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Pat Sajak Receives Rave Review For Next Gig

Pat Sajak | YouTube

Pat Sajak hosted his final episode of Wheel of Fortune last week. However, he doesn’t plan to just go home and retire from the world. Pat has some big plans, and he appears perfectly suited for his next gig. As a matter of fact, it is something he has done before to rave reviews.

Here is what Pat is doing next now that his Wheel of Fortune time has come to a close.

Pat Sajak Plans To Start Acting More

Now that Pat Sajak has retired from his hosting gig on Wheel of Fortune, he has big plans for the next step in his career. Pat plans to start acting more. This isn’t for movies or TV shows, but in stage plays. It is also something he has experience with and has done before.

Pat Sajak
Pat Sajak

Pat Sajak announced that his next gig after retiring from Wheel of Fortune will be in a stage play in Hawai’i. This will take place at the Hawai’i Theater in Honolulu and the show will take place next summer. It was easy for Pat, 77, to land the role in the community theater production called Prescription: Murder.

This is because he has acted in stage plays before and he will be working alongside his long-time friend Joe Moore, who has acted with Pat in past plays.

Prescription: Murder will take place next summer, with dates set as July 25 to August 10, 2025. Tickets are on sale for the event more than a year out and they are expected to sell out. This is good news because the stage play is for charity, with the proceeds donated to the theater.

Pat Sajak Has Acting History In Stage Plays

Pat Sajak has acted in stage plays before and has done so in Hawai’i with his friend Joe Moore. “Pat has a good relationship with [co-star] Joe Moore; their friendship spans since the military days,” Hawai’i Theatre Manager Justin Jenks (via The U.S. Sun).

Joe Moore and Pat Sajak | YouTube
Joe Moore and Pat Sajak | YouTube

Pat Sajak actually did a production at the theater last year. The former Wheel of Fortune host has a second home in Hawai’i alongside his Los Angeles home. He often spends his summers in Hawai’i rather than California. “Pat is very in tune with the community aspect and likes to donate his time here,” Justin said.

Justin said the show will run for two weeks and there will be multiple performances during that time. The 2023 show saw Pat perform in a production of Sunshine Boys. “I didn’t know he could act that well until I saw him live,” Justin said.

Along with that, Pat Sajak and Joe Moore have performed together in shows like The Odd Couple, The Honeymooners, The Boys in Autumn, Wrestling Ernest Hemingway, and Dial M for Murder.

Are you surprised to know that Pat Sajak has a love for theater acting and is actually quite good at it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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