‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Preview Has Fans In Uproar Over Ryan Seacrest

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A recent Wheel of Fortune preview has fans in an uproar over new host, Ryan Seacrest. Fans have been skeptical of him replacing Pat Sajak for some time now. Yet, the switch is happening regardless but what about the preview is making people so angry? Keep reading for more details.

Wheel Of Fortune Preview Has Fans In Uproar Over Ryan Seacrest

When Pat Sajak announced that he was retiring in 2023, fans were concerned as to who would replace him as the host of Wheel of Fortune. There were many names thrown around but in the end, American Idol host, Ryan Seacrest took the title. It made sense as he has a long hosting history and is a Jack of all trades. Pat stayed for one more season and exited in June 2024. His co-host, Vanna White, will stick around until 2026 so there is some consistency for diehard fans.

Pat Sajak - Wheel Of Fortune
Pat Sajak – Wheel Of Fortune

Recently, a preview featuring Ryan as the new host of Wheel of Fortune has been released. According to The Sun, the show is already filming its upcoming episodes with Ryan and Vanna. To get fans pumped for what is to come, the two co-hosts made a promo for the show’s Instagram. Unfortunately, it did not hit like it was supposed to and fans did not care for what they saw. Ryan is trying to get ready for his new gig alongside Vanna. More so, he can be seen pulling bricks, running, and trying to get in shape for the new season.


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However, followers of the page were turned off by Ryan Seacrest and the promo. If they did not care for him before, they certainly did not care for him now.

  • What a poor choice!
  • Will not be watching this show anymore the whole family can’t stand SEACREST
  • Vanna doesn’t jibe with Ryan Seacrest 😳
  • Never be the same. Won’t be watching cannot stand him.
  • No Thank you, Will not be watching
  • I will never watch again!! I can’t stand Seacrest!! By wheel:…..

No Longevity

One person did not feel that Ryan Seacrest was a good choice for Wheel of Fortune because he was always bouncing around. To be fair, he has been the host of American Idol since its inception and stayed with all of the judges and network changes. Plus, he spent six seasons as the co-host of Live With Kelly so that person clearly just does not care for Ryan. Finally, it may take some time and be a big adjustment but some say to give him a fair chance.

Do you think Ryan will be good or is he never going to match up to Pat Sajak? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Terrible choice. He brings nothing to the show. Not funny, hugely overrated and not at compelling. Pat was funny, witty and a little smart ass which was very entertaining. Seacrest, blah yawn!

    1. I agree. As much as I like Vanna,I probably will never watch again because I can’t stand Ryan Seacrest.Didn’t like him with Kelly either. I just plain don’t like him and I didn’t like Kelly either.

    2. no I have already decided to quit watching Wheel of Fortune just like I stopped watching Jeopardy.

  2. I love Ryan Seacrest! He’s becomes friends & mentors with the contestants on American Idol, he & the judges get along greatly, he & Kelly were awesome together, now why wouldn’t he be a great replacement for WOF?
    He’s very very likable. I can’t stand Vanna White it’s about time shes replaced. Nor did I like Pat S. I may watch the show more with Ryan on it now!! Thank you for choosing him!!

    1. I’m with you Allison Foster! Ryan is NOT the right guy for Wheel of Fortune & why he was chosen is beyond me & lots of others!

  3. Ño, I don’t think Seacrest is a good replacement for Pat. I stopped watching Kelly Ripa because of him on that show. sooooo??? Vanna would be a better choice !! Again. NO to Ryan Seacrest !!!

  4. Bad choice. It will be a huge adjustment. Wheel of Fortune has a huge audience of elderly people. I think an older person would’ve been a better fit. I may the the first week before a final decision to tune out is made. Leave the high energy to Let’s Make a Deal and The Price is Right.

  5. Some people just like to complain about absolutely everything. These are the same people that probably watch Jeopardy and complain about Ken Jennings as well. There is nothing wrong with Ryan Seacrest. He’s done a great job on American Idol, Live with Kelly and Ryan, his radio show and the New Year’s Eve from New York. I don’t think people are happy unless they’re complaining about something.

    1. I agree with you! Same people will complain about anything (especially if they weren’t involved in the process), just because they like to type and think it makes them feel important to write a post. Get a life, people! It’s actually more fun than posting negative comments to social media all day. Try real life sometime! Oh ya, I forgot…you don’t have a real life. Tough luck.

  6. Wheel of fortune will never be the same without Pat Sajak, that’s for sure! However, I think we should give Ryan Seacrest a chance! I felt the same way when Bob Barker retired from The Price is Right! I didn’t think I could ever accept Drew Carey as his replacement! I’m almost there! 😀✌️

    1. I think Jimmy Kimmel would be a better choice….he ‘s funny and “quick-witted”. He’d be great……..as long as he keeps politics off the show!

  7. I knew it would be a disaster as soon as he was announced as Pat’s replacement.
    Ever since his power play with the network in ousting Dunkleman after Idol’s first season. That alone proved to me it was all about Seacrest.

  8. I think he is going to be paid way too much.
    Bring back Pat. if they had offered Pat as much as they are going to pay Ryan, maybe he wouldn’t have left.!!

  9. Ryan Seacrest has a bad reputation compared to Pat Sajak. Seacrest has a history of sexual abuse of staff (settled out of court). In an attempt to lure younger viewers, you will be turning off older viewers, and eventually cancel the show. I will not watch Seacrest. You should have made Vanna White the host and had Maggie Sajak take over Vanna’s role.

  10. Did not care for Pat. I thought he was very condescending to contestants. He was rude and ugly with his interactions with Vanna. She should have been able to really speak her mind to some of his rude comments instead of just standing there and grinning and bearing it. I kniw that would not have been professional. He wasn’t a nice person. America has become a place the ruder you are to othe than the more acceptable you are. whatever happen to being decent to others or treating people the way you would like lito be treated. Called common decency.

  11. Ryan Seacrest is a terrible choice. He has no sense of humor and was obnoxious as the co-host with Kelly Ripa.

  12. Ryan is not witty or naturally funny, BOTH of which Pat WAS. You could have made a MUCH BETTER choice. You need someone who can think FAST on their feet, like Drew Carey or Ken Jennings. I DEFINITELY do not see Ryan as such a person, though he is polite and kind. Pick someone who will command out respect and make us laugh.

    1. Pat Sajak has had 40 years of Wheel and is not coming back. He’s tired. We still love him as our favorite host and cannot think of anyone to fill his shoes. My thought is Ryan will be ok till he proves himself. Let him test the waters. If we stop watching we won’t see him sink or swim! If ratings are low, they will replace him. This is America’s game show and doubt it will be canceled. I’m hoping when Vanna retires, Pat’s daughter takes over.

      1. I agree completely. I’ll give him a chance. Someone has to replace Pat and it’s a start. Let’s wait and see what happens. Yes, Maggie would be a great replacement for Vanna!

  13. Nope probably will watch the first show or two but no one will ever replace Pat Sajak. But Ryan sure is not a good choice. I think they should have let Vanna work with who she wants to and pick her co host. Won’t watch after the first couple of shows just to see how bad Ryan is destroying this show

  14. Sorry, but I am a long time fan of wheel, but will no longer be watching. I think RS is overrated and oversaturated. Give someone else a chance.

  15. Ryan is a terrible replacement to Pat Sajak. Ryan is just a smiling face collecting a paycheck. Pat Sajak is a person who never thought of himself as being the best of anything. Ryan Seacrest thinks HE, himself is the best of everything.

  16. I have been saying since it was announced that Ryan is the PERFECT replacement for Pat. He is one of the hardest working people in Hollywood. He knows how to build a quick connection with Idol’s contentestants, he is quick and witty and has that same charm that Pat does. I can’t think of a better fit.

  17. you’ll never let me post this but Ryan seacrest is a piece of s*** he is an a****** he’s mean to elders he’s mean to people he uses a celebrity Fame to somehow think he’s above and beyond the rest of us I will never watch the show again I will never watch anything he’s involved in

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