‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Ryan Seacrest Rejected, Beg Vanna White To Host

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Recently, Wheel Of Fortune fans found out that things aren’t going smoothly with the transition of gaining a new host. Undeniably, it is difficult to replace a legend like Pat Sajak, but Ryan Seacrest is feeling some heat from fans. Some fans are rejecting Ryan and begging Vanna White to take over instead.

Fans Reject Ryan Seacrest

While Wheel Of Fortune took steps to line up a new host far in advance, many fans have already rejected Ryan Seacrest. Although the new season hasn’t yet started, fans think it is set to fail after hearing about interactions between Ryan and Vanna White not flowing as they should. For instance, an insider talks about some struggles they are seeing behind the scenes.

Ryan Seacrest and Vanna White from Wheel of Fortune
Ryan Seacrest and Vanna White – Wheel of Fortune – American Idol

Vanna White And Ryan Seacrest Struggle With The Transition Of The Show

Undoubtedly, filling the shoes of a host with more than four decades of experience isn’t going to come naturally overnight, but there is someone who would be a quick study. While Ryan Seacrest is a familiar face, Vanna White has already won the hearts of Wheel Of Fortune fans through the years. Likewise, she is practiced in the flow of the show and would be a seamless choice to insert into Pat Sajak’s vacated job.

Although she was seemingly a shoo-in, the network chose to go with Ryan who has a great resume of hosting experience on other shows. However, an inside source says they aren’t vibing. Reportedly, the Daily Mail heard from a source that things aren’t going as hoped. They say, “Vanna is retiring from the show when her contract ends, but there is a part of her that wants to walk away sooner.” The insider reveals, “She just doesn’t jibe with Ryan like she did with Pat, and no one really ever expected her to. There is just no way that she possibly could.”

Fans Beg Vanna White To Run The Show

With this news, fans are begging Vanna White to take over. Hearing that the new duo may not pan out makes fans want Vanna in the driver’s seat even more than before.

  • After hearing about the struggles, one fan makes suggestions for the show. They comment on X, “Why didn’t they make her the host and have some beefcake dude in short shorts.”
  • One fan replies, “They legit should do that for one episode. The internet would explode.”
Ryan Seacrest, Vanna White, and Pat Sajak tease the Fall season. - Instagram
Ryan Seacrest, Vanna White, and Pat Sajak tease the Fall season. – Instagram

Additionally, the source says that Vanna White feels like she’s done her time with Wheel Of Fortune. They add, “Vanna feels that she has put her time in. She devoted her entire life to this show and she had an incredible run while making a fortune. ” Furthermore, they say, “She knows that the show needs to go in a different direction and appeal to a younger demographic. She wants the show to continue.” In some ways, she seems discouraged by the changing environment. The insider says, “This will require a younger female host, someone who can be to Ryan what she was to Pat.”

Fans Aren’t Convinced Ryan Is In For The Long Haul

Some believe Ryan Seacrest is only a temporary fix for Wheel Of Fortune.

  • “Should have found someone for long term. Ryan isn’t a long-term type of person.”
  • “Not sure that Seacrest is the guy for the job!”
  • “Just don’t see Ryan doing this for 30-40 years. He has hosted other things and moves on. We will see how things go, but WOF should have looked into another host that can be long-term.”

Vanna White Comes Highly Recommended

Although Vanna White comes highly recommended by Pat, the first few filming sessions aren’t going as smoothly as she hoped. Pat told Ryan in a video with Variety, “You’re never going to find a better job, and you’re never going to find a better co-host.” For now, Vanna is under contract to stay until 2026 after she went through tricky salary negotiations. Furthermore, the source says, “Wheel wants to make the transition between Pat and Ryan seamless, and having Vanna there would be wonderful to make that all happen.”

Ryan Seacrest is already seeing some fans reject him before the new season. - Instagram
Ryan Seacrest is already seeing some fans reject him before the new season. – Instagram

Previously, Ryan told ENews!, “Of course, being next to Vanna, she’s a legend. She’s an icon. We spent a little shooting some promos for next season, and she’s just so down to earth. She’s exactly what you would expect.” Likewise, he says, “It’s just so exciting to think about being on that set. I’ve watched the show for so many decades. I’m a fan of the show, and the game is the star.” If the insider is correct, the filming isn’t proving to be what Vanna thought. However, time will tell if the new host and Vanna can find their groove.


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What do you think about Vanna White taking over instead of Ryan Seacrest? Do you think Ryan will stick around long-term? Are you ready to see the new season of Wheel Of Fortune? Drop your comments below.

Bonnie Kaiser-Gambill


  1. I think Ryan Seacrest will be just fine. He is long term. He’s been with American Idol for ages and ages.
    He’s not Pat. But he’s a great host.

  2. Vanna is outstanding! Let her be the
    Hostess with the Mostess on the Ball
    Pat Sajak was a Great Mentor!
    His daughter can turn the letters as another commenter stated! 👏👏👏👏👏🌟🌟🌟🌟💖

  3. I’d rather see Maggie host. She’s much more natural on camera. It was painful to watch Vanna host when Pat was out on medical leave. Enjoy Wheelers, because if that happens I won’t be watching

  4. Ryan would be a wonderful host for the show.
    Why does he have to commit for any number of years?
    That’s not how the job market works.
    Give him a chance and enjoy his refreshing humor and talents.
    It’ll be fun to see the show continue.

  5. Didn’t people watch it when Vana hosted the show when Pat was ill? She was awful. I don’t care for her at all. Her time has come to go. Maggie should replace her definitely. If you want want younger viewers you need younger people to do the show. It may not seem fair but that’s the way it is.

  6. Even though Vanna will still be on the show, I’ve already decided I’m through with WOF because Seacrest is not who I want to see. Good luck. I believe Vanns would be a top notch replacement for Pat!

  7. I don’t think Ryan has what it takes to be host. He doesn’t have the right personality. He’s kind of dry. Everything he has hosted he. didn’t really have to deal with people face to face. Even on Idol it was the same people all the time. He got to know them. That’s not the case here.

  8. Just saying- since Pat is old and left, why does Vanna hang around. Bring in a entirely new team. To me it is laughable that Vanna wants to be paid millions of dollars for looking worn out and depleted

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