Vanna White Admits Sharing ‘Sick’ Compulsion With Pat Sajak

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Not long before Wheel Of Fortune‘s long-time host, Pat Sajak closed out his tenure, he discovered a surprising detail about Vanna White. While confessing a ‘sick’ compulsion, Vanna admitted she had the same issue.

Vanna White And Pat Sajak Accept New Transitions

Recently, Wheel Of Fortune fans said “Adieu” to four decades of the dynamic duo, Pat Sajak and Vanna White. While Vanna will remain to show new host, Ryan Seacrest, the ropes, the on-screen couple is struggling to say “goodbye.” Undeniably, it is truly the end of an era. However, Ryan comes with years of experience hosting TV shows. However, anyone stepping into the shoes of a legend, understandably, will have some apprehensions.

Vanna White Pat Sajak YouTube
Vanna White and Pat Sajak – YouTube

Ryan told People, “Do I feel pressure? Sure.” Knowing a big transition is ahead, he adds, “People love watching [Pat Sajak]. I want them to keep [loving] watching it, and I hope to do a great job as well.” Complimenting his predecessor, Ryan says, “He has made that show just something so very special for so long, and he has done such a seamless, remarkable job so no one can be him.” Without a doubt, he knows he isn’t a “replacement” for the great Pat Sajak, but instead someone who will carry the torch of the beloved show.

Pat Sajak Admits To A ‘Sick’ Compulsion

Before Pat Sajak’s official retirement from Wheel Of Fortune, he was chatting with Vanna White after an episode. The show’s Instagram page shared the moment between them where they learned something new about each other. It was captioned:  “Who else can relate?? 🙋🙋.” Vanna asks Pat, “So, are you a tidy person at home?” Pat confesses, “I am; I am to a fault.”

Pat Sajak confesses he is tidy "to a fault." - WOF - Instagram
Pat Sajak confesses he is tidy “to a fault.” – WOF – Instagram

Seemingly very surprised, Vanna White questions, “Are you?!” Then, Pat elaborates on the life he lives off-camera. He says, “In the kitchen, if there’s a dish with dirt of any kind on it, I’m cleaning right away.” Furthermore, he adds, “I never go to bed without everything put away.” Admittedly, he divulges his compulsion, saying, “I’m one sick puppy.” The interaction brings out laughter in the audience. But Vanna doesn’t accept his answer.

Pat Sajak tells Vanna White he is "one sick puppy." - WOF - Instagram
Pat Sajak tells Vanna White he is “one sick puppy.” – WOF – Instagram

Vanna White Disagrees

Pushing back on Pat Sajak‘s description of himself, Vanna White says in disbelief, “No, you’re not.” But she wasn’t saying she didn’t believe he was a “neat freak,” instead that the behavior wasn’t as bad as he let on. She shows support by saying, “Then I’m the sick one, too.” She crosses her arms displaying her emphasis on him “wrongly” categorizing himself. Admittedly, she shares the same compulsion and needs to have her kitchen spotless each night as well. Pat says, “There you go. That’s why we get along so well.”

Vanna White disagrees with Pat. - WOF - Instagram
Vanna White disagrees with Pat. – WOF – Instagram

What do you think about Vanna White and Pat Sajak‘s sharing a ‘sick’ compulsion? Do you think this was truly news to her? Do you think it makes them “sick puppies?” Are you sad to see Pat retire from Wheel Of Fortune? Drop your comments below.


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