‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Tensions Between Vanna White & Ryan Seacrest

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Ryan Seacrest will soon make his debut as the new host of Wheel Of Fortune. After more than 40 years on the game show, Pat Sajak retired and handed the show over to Ryan and his beloved co-host Vanna White. However, it doesn’t seem like everything is great between the two new hosts. There is obviously an adjustment period, but a source close to the show cited tensions between Ryan and Vanna. Keep reading to see what they revealed.

Insider Says That Ryan Seacrest Is A ‘Control Freak’

The first episode of Wheel Of Fortune featuring Ryan Seacrest is set to premiere in September 2024. Season 42 will kick off with a new host and a new feel to the game.

That being said, it seems like Vanna White has been hesitant to adjust to the changes that happened on the show. Behind closed doors, Vanna reportedly feels like a “third wheel” on the show since Pat Sajak retired.

A source told Radar Online that Vanna thought she’d become a more important part of the show following Pat’s departure. The Wheel Of Fortune veteran also feels like much of Ryan’s performance on the show is “forced.”

Ryan Seacrest - YouTube/Wheel Of Fortune
Ryan Seacrest, Wheel of Fortune | YouTube

The insider continued, “Vanna has tried to give Ryan advice and show him the ropes.” They continued, “Ryan is a control freak. He finally told her he’s doing things his way and he’s not trying to be Pat Sajak!”

This reaction threw Vanna for a loop. The insider added, “So Vanna is again relegated to the background, but now it’s not with Pat, someone she knows and loves, but a new guy, Ryan.”

Tensions Are High On Wheel Of Fortune

Surprisingly, the insider made claims that Vanna doesn’t like the new Wheel Of Fortune host. “With Ryan, it feels forced and she doesn’t want that to come across to loyal viewers — and producers fear the audience will notice it as well,” they said.

On top of not having the same chemistry with Ryan as she did with Pat Sajak, Vanna White may also be a little upset about the financial aspect of her job. Ryan Seacrest is raking in the cash with the new gig on Wheel Of Fortune with an annual salary of $28 million. That’s about $13 million more than Pat made during his time on the game show.

Not to mention, it is about nine times what Vanna White makes now. Before renewing her contract, Vanna allegedly got into a bidding war. Eventually, she let up when she reached a salary that she thought was fair, which brought her contract through 2025. What her future on the show will be after that is unknown.

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YouTube/Wheel Of Fortune

The lack of chemistry with Ryan Seacrest may lead Vanna to end her contract early, but that’s just speculation at this time. A source close to the show said that Wheel Of Fortune execs would fire Ryan before they let Vanna leave. “They know fans tune in to see Vanna even more than the host!” they said.

Although rumors point to tensions between the hosting pair, Ryan Seacrest seems thrilled to be working with Vanna White in the coming season.

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